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Publications of the Bush Music Club, 1950s to date

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 1.  1955? - Bushwhacker Songs Old and New. (Bushwhacker Ballads no.s 1-7 bound together, foolscap  TROVE  Thanks to Alex Hood for contents (Dec 2022) 



2.  1955  Six Authentic Songs from the Kelly Country. Issued in Commemoration. The death of Ned Kelly 75th Anniversary. (cover title) 1st edition TROVE
Title page - Songs from the Kelly country.  Collected and edited by John Meredith, illustrations and layout by Gil Small, assisted in publication by Brian Loughlin. Our Library copy is bound in a folder
1st edition - foolscap (34cm), Bushwhacker Ballads 9, 11, 12, 13, 14 & 15 bound together.

BMC Newsletter, 1(1), October 1955, p.1 & p.2

Thanks to the following people for their help in compiling this collection. Ken Hanson & Chris Kempster for arranging the guitar accompaniments. Max Brown for the words to "Farewell to Greta." Bill Shawcross, Lithgow N.S.W. for the words of "Kelly was their Captain."  Mrs Gladys Scrivenor Erskineville for the tune, and to Mr J. K. Moir of Melbourne for the words "Ye Sons of Australia." This was first published by "The Bulletin" in the series "Old Bush Songs."


3. 1955  Six Authentic Songs from the Kelly Country.  Issued in Commemoration. The death of Ned Kelly 75th Anniversary. (cover title)  2nd edition octavo (20cm)
Title page - Songs from the Kelly country.  Collected and edited by John Meredith, illustrations and layout by Gil Small, assisted in publication by Brian Loughlin. 2nd edition TROVE

Unfortunately we don't have any Newsletters between December 1955 & June 1956 so don't know when the second edition was published.

Second edition (undated)


3rd Edition - Six Authentic Songs from the Kelly Country. Issued in Commemoration. The death of Ned Kelly 75th Anniversary. (cover title)  3rd edition octavo (20cm)
Title page - Songs from the Kelly country.  Collected and edited by John Meredith, illustrations and layout by Gil Small, assisted in publication by Brian Loughlin.
3rd edition was issued after 1967 as the printer has a postcode.

Third edition

Business Offset Services Pty. Ltd 3 Arnold Place, Darlinghurst. 2010

4. 1956 Songs From Lawson   TROVE

We wish to thank the following composers for their kind permission to use their tunes in this song book:
Mr. Con Caston, Warwick, Qld., for "The Bush Girl." Mr. John Arcot, Kew, Vic., for "The Glass on the Bar." Mr. Chris Kempster, Petersham N.S.W., for "Reedy River." Mrs. Dorothy Hodges, Tanundra, S.A., for "The Teams," and "Saint Peter." 
Special thanks are due to the folk-singers who recorded their traditional versions of Lawson's ballads for use in this book, and to Messrs. Angus & Robertson Ltd., for their kind permission to use the words of which they are the copyright holders.

Foreword by Mary Gilmore 14.11.1956

Edited by John Meredith, Illustrated by Clem Millward.  Issued by the Bush Music Club to commemorate the 90th anniversary of the birth of Henry Lawson.

Introduction by John Meredith

source - Dale Dengate copied from the  John Meredith collection, NLA.
5.   1957 - Songs from the Bush, collected and edited by John Meredith and others. Arranged by Alfred Hill. Allen & Co, 1957

6.  1960? - Authentic Australian bush ballads, edited by John Meredith & Alan Scott for the Bush Music Club, piano arrangements by Hal Evans   TROVE

7.  1968 - Singabout Songster, no. 1   TROVE

Title page  (note by Bob Bolton - RESET TOTALLY)

Logo (note by Bob Bolton -REVISED LOGO)

Page 1 - Editorial - Originally we planned to produce this  Songster to commemorate the 10th. anniversary of the Bush Music Club in 1964.  John Meredith, Alan Scott, Eric Bolton, editors. Published by the Bush Music Club, Sydney May 1968.

Page 2 - Contents

Page 3 - Contents  (comment by Bob Bolton - 72 ITEMS)

Page 4 - Contents

Page 78 - List of Publications - "Songs of Australia",  "Singabout Magazine",  "Authentic Australian Bush Ballads",   "Bush Ballads" Festival records FL31, 336.  "Dinkey Di" Festival Record FL31, 326,  Poems in Music LP mono FL 32, 282, or stereo SFL932-282.

8.  1970 - A Collector's Songbook, Words and Music of THIRTY-ONE TRADITIONAL SONGS Collected in Australia by Alan Scott TROVE

Material collected and edited by Alan Scott. Guitar chords, D. Minter. Titles, B. Loughlin. Reproduced by Business Offset Service Pty Ltd. 204 Castlereagh St., Sydney.  Published 1970 by R.D. Dengate

 Introduction - Alan Scott

Index. Acknowledgements.

9.  1970 - Songs of the shearer. Published in Sydney by the Bush Music Club. TROVE

Introduction  R.D. Dengate. Contents - Albury Ram, Another Fall of Rain, Click Go the Shears,  Flash Jack from Gundagai, Garrawilla, Goorianawa, Jog Along till Shearing, Lachlan Tigers, Lazy Harry's, Ryebuck Shearer, Shearing in a Bar, Wallaby Track (Springtime it brings on the Shearing), Whaler's Rhyme (Lime Juice Tub), Widgeegowera Joe (Black-blocks shearer)
Edited and Produced by R.D. Dengate & J. Carlin. Drawings and Guitar Chords - John Dengate.

 Publications - "Songs of Australia",  "Singabout Magazine",  "Singabout Songster", "Authentic Australian Bush Ballads",  "Songs from the Bush",  "Bush Ballads" Festival records FL31, 336.  "Dinkey Di" Festival Record FL31, 326,  Poems in Music LP mono FL 32, 282, or stereo SFL932-282. Published by R.D. Dengate 1970.

10. 1982 - Singabout Selected Reprints   TROVE  (Gill Small's drawing of Brian Loughlin, Bushwhacker & founder, Singabout 1(2), Autumn 1956)

 Inside cover

Acknowledgments - Published by Bush Music club, Box 433, Sydney, NSW 2001. Edited & designed by - Bob Bolton.  Printed by Honeysett Printing Group, (02) 569 8133. © Bush Music Club.
David Johnson - for chords, comments and constructive collaboration.
Barbara Gibbons, Meg Park, Ann Pidcock, and Alan and Gay Scott for their advice on selections; even when I have not always followed it.
All the past editors and contributors for providing such a rich lode to mine.

Title page - Singabout Selected Reprints from Singabout Journal of Australian Folksong 19567-1967. An Anthology Edited by Bob Bolton.

 Introduction by Bob Bolton

 Index, page 4.

Index, page 5.

Back Cover - Gil Small's drawing of Bushwhacker & founder Jack Barrie (Singabout 1(4), Spring 1956, cover) 

11.  Easter 1982 - My Shout, Songs and Poems by John Dengate   TROVE

Poetry, songs and original tunes. John Dengate © 1982. Preliminary Typing  Julie Castle. Final Typing Gay Scott. Titles Peter Grislis.  Calligraphy Ashley Scott.  Photography Bob Bolton.  Production Alan Scott.
Published by the Bush Music Club, Easter 1982.  Reproduced by Honeysett Instant Print Pty Ltd, 40 Norton Street, Leichhardt 2040

Index.  1977 photo by Bob Bolton (77062717) taken at a Singabout night at BWIU Hall.

pp.2-3, Foreword by Declan Affley.

Undated photo taken by Bob Bolton in Dengate living room.
Introduction - Purloining tunes and writing parodies are time-honoured processes, so I refuse to apologise.
P.S. Guitar chords symbols should never be received as holy writ.
P.P.S. Never bet odds on, never run up steps and never eat pies at cancelled race meetings. 
John Dengate.

Photo I - opposite page 8, Ballad of Les Darcy.  A Great Uncle of John Dengate who died of cyanide poisoning while gold mining (email from Dale Dengate  6/7/2020, Dengate family album)
Photo II - opposite page 9, Bare-Legged Kate.
Written for my mother born Kathleen Mary Kelly, Gundagai N.S.W., 1914
. (Dengate family album)

Photo III - opposite page 36, Thanks for the Yanks (photo supplied by Bob Bolton)

Photo IV - opposite page 37, Tenth Light Horse  A relative who was in the Light Horse. (Dengate family album)

Lanes of Woolloomooloo, page 21. Len Middleton in uniform taken while he served in New Guinea as one of the ‘chokos’.  Len was a neighbour & friend of John & Dale (Dengate collection)

Opposite page 13,  Bill from Erskineville.  Unknown man waiting for a train. (photo © Bob Bolton)

Both My Shout! and the 1989 Maleny rehash My Shout Again! print one of my photographs, of a bloke with a brusht-back haircut and a snazzy sports coat thrown over his shoulder waiting disconsolately on a railway station bench, with an "Erskineville" sign behind him. I guess that obvious temptation is to put it against Bill from Erskineville, but it was intended to go with John's Train to Guildford song - especially the line:
I'm in my good gear, and I'm right off the beer,
And at Guildford, they say there's a job. (post by Bob Bolton on Mudcat Cafe)


12. 1984  Bush Dance. A Collection of Traditional Tunes, Arranged in Sets for Bush Bands. Compiled & arranged by David Johnson. Includes informative background notes & many collected Australian tunes. TROVE

Acknowledgements - I would like to express my gratitude to the following authors, publishers, collectors, and musicians for permission to print the tunes that appear in this collection
John Meredith & Hugh Anderson- Folk Songs of Australia, National Library of Australia & John Meredith- John Meredith collection, Jamie Carlin. Harry Cotter & Colin McJannett, Concertina Magazine, Alan Scott, Shayne Kerr, Southern Music Publishing, Chris Moore, Shirley Andrews.
Bush Music Club - Bob Bolton, Ralph Pride, Bob Brain. Design & layout Bob Bolton. 

Contents - Circle dances, Couple Dances, Line dances, Quadrilles, Other Formations.

Introduction - The book, The Dances, The Music, For Musicians.

13.  1986 - Bush Dance Instructions Plus: Tips for Dance Callers & an illustrated bibliography by Lance Green. Musical Guide, Teachers' Guide & a bibliography by David Johnson.  Historical Notes by Anne Pidcock. A companion volume to Bush Dance (tunes) by D. Johnson. TROVE

Contents -

Bush Dance: Instructions consists of 39 dances with have a strong Australian association and were danced in Sydney in the period 1980 to 1984. Copyright Lance Green 1986.

The authors - Lance Green, David Johnson, Anne Pidcock


Introduction - The Book, The Dance Instructions, The Dances, The Music, Comment.

14.  2004 - The Sally Sloane Songbook, Australian Traditional Singer. edited by Gay Scott TROVE

inscription - To Bob & Pat,  Launched at the National Folk Festival, Canberra, Easter 2004, regards, Gay. 2nd inscription - Thanks very much Bob for the professional look of the SSS. Gay

Contents  Edited by Gay Scott Bush Music Club Inc, Sydney 2004.

Dedication - To Sally Sloane - who sang the songs and kept them alive over the years and to John Meredith - who collected them so they will never die.
Acknowledgements - Editor  Gay Scott,  Music transcribed by Alan Scott.  Guitar chords Colin Todd. Artist R. Dale Dengate . We are indebted to John Meredith and The National library of Australia fro allowing the use of music tapes from the Meredith Collection. Thanks to John Dengate and Kate Scott for musivcal advice.

Foreword R. Dale Dengate

Introduction John Meredith

Introduction (cont)

15.  2009 - Selected Poems submitted to the Bush Music Club Golden Jubilee Celebrations Poetry Competition. October 2004  TROVE  Published for BMC's 55th Anniversary, 2009

Introduction by John Dengate, who judged the competition.

Contents - A Bushwalking Tragedy by Jim Chapman.  Cronje by John Poleson.  Daisy's on the track by Tony & Helen Romeo.  Gundagai Road by Pip Griffin. Incident during NAIDOC week July 2002 by Pip Griffin.  The night I saw the light by Jim Chapman.  Possum by Penny Grace.  True Ocean blue (winning poem) by Penny Grace.

16. 2012 - Poems, Songs, Satire and Shouts all the way by John Dengate. TROVE

Introduction by Dale Dengate.  Bush Music Club Publication 2012.  © John Dengate 1960-2012.

pp. 43-44 - Contents


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