Tuesday 28 July 2020

7th Annual John Dengate Memorial Get Together Goes Online - Sunday 30th August 2pm

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Hello all, 

I hope this message finds everyone healthy and well.
Coming up to 7 years after John's passing, there is still so much to share in our love for him. A bit of info here, you might want to grab a cuppa or a Guinness!
John Dengate Memorial Get Together - going online!
Unfortunately, our annual John Dengate Get Together scheduled to take place as usual at the end of August, will not be going ahead due to Covid19 safety restrictions.
In its place we will presenting the 7th Annual John Dengate Get Together ONLINE on Sunday 30th August 
A message from Dale Dengate;

2020. What a year!
So many people have asked me what do you think John would be writing now if he were still among us? Evidence from previous works would indicate that people who denied climate change and mishandled the country while it was aflame would have been called out in no uncertain terms. Politicians and leaders of other countries , who have displayed egotistical, self-centred ignorance,’ who postured and strutted just like Mussolini’ would have received colourful criticism.
Fortunately, there are many who still relate to John’s songs or verse or have written their own song or words inspired by John’s legacy.
Although we are cancelling a physical gathering in 2020, we are organising an online concert for Sunday 30th August - hope to 'see' you there.  

Further details on the John Dengate Online Get Together will follow, but in the meantime I can advise the event will include;
- a live ZOOM/video call with people performing John's songs and poems
- an accompanying playlist of submitted videos from those who can't join us live
- several updates to the John Dengate Collection Website in the leadup to the day
- perhaps a couple of other surprises

The online event will be available for you to either participate in, or just watch from the comfort of your home, or perhaps in a small, physically distanced gathering.
If you would like to participate either live, or via video - please reply to let me know and I will send you further information.
For those who don't have experience using online video calls or ZOOM, or with recording a video - fear not! I will be able to give you instructions on how to take part, and we will do a couple of tests to make sure we are all au fait, as they say.

Further details will be updated onto this blog page, and this Facebook Event page.
The John Dengate Collection Website
Have you already visited the John Dengate Collection?
If so, it's time to again as I have just completed a bunch of updates, including the addition of a few of John's drawings
one of which is this little number (thanks to Dale).
ATC Demonstrations Lessons.jpg   

The following sections are now available:
About John
VALE John Dengate
Articles + Interviews
Lyrics + Poems
Videos + Photos
Drawings + Artworks
Memorials + Concerts  
Chloe & Jason Roweth Streaming LIVE Concert of John Dengate Songs & Poems
The Roweths have been doing a series of online concerts called 'Saturday Streaming'. 
This week's edition is a special tribute to John, and takes place on the 7th anniversary of his passing - Saturday 1st August, at 7pm
Roweth JD Stream 1 August 7pm.jpg
For more info:
- check out the Facebook event We Go On Disobeying - Songs & Poems of John Dengate
- 'Like' the Chloe & Jason Roweth Facebook Page
- Visit the Rowethmusic Webpage

If you have any queries, or any additions or updates you would like to make to the John Dengate Collection - let me know!


Fan of John Dengate and creator of
The John Dengate Collection
0433 020 127

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