Monday 18 December 2017

Report on BMC @ Bush Traditions Gathering, October 2017

(session photos by Gavin Holmes)


Pete Cahill's photos


Preparation for Saturday night's meal in the camp

Ralph's PA Workshop

Glenis from Far North Queensland

Each day started with early morning music from Glenis, Carole & Alan  (Sandra Nixon  photos)

Followed by the Slow Session

The Slow Session


Afternoon session in the courtyard


Ralph Pride

Brian Jonathon, Rick Hull, Kerry Doherty

Concert Party members - Brian Jonathan, Doug Richards, Sharyn Mattern, Eric Eisler, Nancy Nicholls, Kerry Doherty, Pete Cahill

Don Brian, Dave Johnson, Darri Adamson

Best dressed bloke at the Gathering - Gavin Holmes

John Warner & John Harpley

Margaret Bolliger, Sharyn Mattern

Poetry session

Helen & Tony Romeo

Session - Doug Richardson, Moir Holmes, Kerry Doherty, Darri Adamson, Anish Carmody

Sue Brian repairing a well-worn cabbage tree hat

George Bolliger's Concertina repair workshop

Bruce Downes & Ralph Pride

Ray & Joan Mundy, Kathy McMahon

John Warner watching Doug Richardson's technique

Mark Gregory

Late night session - Ralph, George, Rick

No Such Thing workshop on Ray Schloeffel

Reg & Pat Murray

Pete Cahill, Rick Hull

Helen Romeo, Gavin Holmes, Joan Mundy, Tony Romeo, Ray Mundy, John Harpley 
Saturday Night Blackboard

Pete organising the acts

Ray & Joan Mundy from Victorian Folk Music Club (est. 1959 as Bush Music Club of Victoria)

Ray Mulligan

The Coopers

Ali Barber

 Brian Jonathon

Ralph Pride

Don Brian, Denis McKay, George Bolliger, Ralph Pride, Sharyn Mattern, Rick Hull
Sunday night Concert & dance

Linda & Alan Swift, Moir Holmes

Darri Adamson, Dave Johnson

Doug Richardson

John Warner  & Jenni Cole
Pete Cahill

Dance band - Ralph Pride, George Bolliger, Margaret Bolliger, caller Wendy Richmond

Denis McKay

Pat & Reg Murray

The evening ended with a session


The Gathering finished with the traditional play reading.

(photos Sandra Nixon unless elsewhere noted)


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