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BMC Artists - Herb McClintock - the artist who first drew our logo, Accordion Man

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Current BMC logo -

Herbert McCintock, 1906-1985

Extracts from Singabout - The artists (March 2016)

Accordion man has changed over the decades, but this (below) was his first appearance as a member of Australia's first & only Bush Band The Bushwhackers, in
Tribune, 17th November, 1954, a week before the Bush Music Club was established. The full drawing is at the end of this article. 

Herb produced drawings & cartoons for Tribune & this drawing was used in a header to illustrate an article about the Tribune Fair (a fundraiser)  The header included small sketches of events at the particular fair - eg. bush band, tombola, (source - Jamie Carlin)

His second appearance was in a drawing by an unknown artist in Singabout 1(1) Summer 1956.

Gil Small was the next to draw him, this time with extended accordion for Singabout 1(2), Autumn 1956 & this image was used until the final issue of Singabout in 1967.

By the time Mulga Wire no.1 was published in 1977, Bob Bolton had re-drawn Accordion man. 
(email 23/3/12 - Ink on cartridge paper artwork ... eg my hand-drawn / hand-lettered / hand-circled artwork of the 1970s)


Here is his first use by BMC -  Singabout 1(1), Summer 1956 where artist details were not given.

His second appearance, this time with extended accordion was in
Singabout 1(2), Autumn 1956  - Artwork and layout by Gil Small
His third incarnation, drawn by Bob Bolton.

Thanks to the National Library's TROVE for the following images.

In the early 50s people around Australia became increasingly dissatisfied with the increasing Americanisation of Australian culture and started looking for traditional Australian songs. Some of these people were our founders, The Bushwhackers.

The Bushwhackers Band with a bugle??? Perhaps a bit of artistic licence?

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