Friday 17 November 2017

Report on Saplings @ Kangaroo Valley Folk Festival, October 2017

Saplings were programmed on Saturday and Sunday mornings and also signed up for a blackboard spot at Chillout on Sunday at 9am.

On Saturday night Saplings served up sushi, pavlova & punch for BMC members.

(photo Zoe Harvey)

Chris's group

(photo Zoe Harvey)

(photo Zoe Harvey)

Air fiddle

Helen's group

A future Sapling


Saturday night sushi, pavolva, punch & music

(photo - Tony Romeo)


Members Claire Doherty, Sean Gutkin, & The Fiddlers Four also did blackboard spots at Chill Out.

Claire @ Chill Out



Claire accompanying Fiddlers Four.

Recorder solo from new Sapling Caleb


Sean @ Chill Out


Saplings @ Chill Out, it was a bit early & some were a tad late ...



The act following Saplings was Whisper Out Loud, look for them at future festivals.

all photos by Sandra Nixon unless elsewhere noted.

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