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Members photos - Beth Cambridge

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all photos - Beth Cambridge collection

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Thanks to Colin Fong for supplying many names. Further names supplied by Sharyn Mattern & Heather Clarke.

50th Anniversary photos, October 2004 -
(photos printed 04.10.10)

Margaret Bolliger

Elizabeth Weaver
(nee Glasheen), Margaret Walters

Sharyn Mattern

Jack Chapman

Wendy & Cathy Richmond

1.   Heather (now Clarke), Paul Weaver,  Beth
(1982/83 according to Heather)

2.   Heather, Paul Weaver (1982/83 according to Heather)

3.   Beth Cambridge, Colin Coles

4.   B
all, Sydney Town Hall 
Caption on reverse - 1986 Heritage Week Ball

5-8.    Dance Display at Oakden (wedding reception venue), Parramatta

5.  standing - left to right - Dave Johnson, Ann Pidcock, woman with fan, Lionel in light waistcoat, 2nd man, Vera Myroneko, Dave Cambourne, Lindsay in pink sash, Mary-Louise Anderson, Dave Anderson, Herb Lippman?, Elizabeth Weaver (nee Glasheen), Pauline Cambourne
seated - Jan Cave, Beth, Colin Fong, Julie Pryor, Bob & Helen Brain, Tony Romeo, Mike Waters

6-8.     Beth Cambridge, Mike Waters

UNSW Roundhouse, Subscription Ball?   (not  a Subscription Ball, none were held at UNSW)

9. Standing - Bob Bolton, Wayne Richmond, Tony Romeo, Simon Farrugia, Ralph Pride, Pete McMahon, Bob Foggin, Don Richmond, Kingsley Forbes-Smith, Dave Johnson, Christian Dolislager
Seated - Mary, Beth Cambridge, Helen Brain, Wendy Richmond
10.   caption - Ball Rockdale -

Australian Concertina Band played at the following Rockdale balls

1988 with The Australian Concertina Band, The Backblocks Musicians, Southern Cross Bush Band and friends

1994 with The Australian Concertina Band, The Backblocks Musicians and friends

Mary-Louise Anderson, Kinglsey Forbes-Smith, Polly Clapp, Wayne Richmond, Helen Brain, Greg Wilson, Beth Cambridge
11.  B
all Rockdale    (Balls were held at Rockdale from 1988- 1994)

Margot Hayward, Beth, Greg Wilson

12.    Ball Rockdale     (Balls were held at Rockdale from 1988- 1994)

standing - Wayne Richmond, Greg Wilson, Kingsley Forbes-Smith
seated - Beth, Margot Hayward (nee McGrath),  Rosemary Forbes-Smith, Helen Brain
13. Photo dated 9/8/86   (
Subscription Ball, Albert Palais, Leichhardt, with Ryebuck and Prop-a-goose)

 Scott Carlin, Beth Cambridge, Claire Stoneman,

14.   Concert Party in Hut 44,

Don Richmond, Steve Lockwood (fiddle, Concert Party leader), Wayne Richmond, bush bass
15. caption, December 1985. Monday night dance workshop, Christmas dance. Concert Party.

Don Richmond, fiddler Steve Lockwood, guitarist Mary?, recorder player Barbara?, Beth on concertina, Wayne Richmond, Brydon with flute.

foreground Beth Cambridge & Phillip Kenny, middle - Vicky dancing with Mike Waters, next to stage Pauline Cambourne and Don Richmond
18.    Subscription Ball at Albert Palais    (between 1983 to 1986)
1983 with Pioneer Pete and Inland Navigators

1984 with Ryebuck Bush Band and Shearer's Choice

with Big City and Southern Cross

with Ryebuck and Prop-a-goose


19.  Kiama Festival - Kathie McMahon - photos dated 01.06.09

Kiama Festival - Bob Bolton


21.   Kiama Festival - Jacko Kevans

Kiama Festival - Dave Johnson


23. Kiama Festival - Kathie McMahon, Bill Montgomery, Yvonne O'Grady

24.  Concert Party at Bush Music Festival 1986

Left to right - concertina player wearing hat, Brydan Allen playing recorder, woman playing fiddle, woman playing guitar, Sparkie in check shirt & sunnies, woman playing guitar, Lionel with white hair, Wayne Richmond in front of Lionel, woman playing flute, woman playing concertina, Steve Lockwood with fiddle 

Caption - October 1986, BMC Bush Music Festival.  Concert Party.

Thanks to Beth for letting us share her photos


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