Thursday 20 August 2015

The Art of John Dengate - Part 1

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A selection of drawings taken from the Dengate papers before they went to the National Library. Thanks to Dale Dengate for allowing them to be scanned and published.

Drawings on back of a leaflet
Images of our Past

Only a Pound, Banjo Patterson, June 2013

Women & Children at the Stuart Races
 WW1 Black Watch and 2nd Division A.I.F. survivors, first Battle of the Somme
WW2 drawings

7th Div 2nd AIF sergeant in pursuit of retreating Japanese, Milne Bay
7th Division Veteran - 'Silent 7th' - No prisoners taken

 Retreating Miltiaman KokodaTrail 1942

Milne Bay - Going forward through heavy rain

Templeton's Crossing  "Mortar crew dead & Bren gun jammed"

Humourous drawings

Save the Esky!

Tale of 2 Toilets, July 2013
Other drawings

The Promise, The Reality - no date

St Patrick, June 2013

Paul Robeson, All men are brothers. June 2013
Drawings done in 2013 inspired by 100th Anniversary Woody Guthrie collection

The grim reality of the American dream.

Welcome to California

Woody Guthrie

 On the way to California
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