Sunday 14 January 2018

Sistrums, barcoo dogs & lagerphones.

In 2013 Bob lent 2 of his instruments to the Australia Chamber Orchestra for a performance needing a stistrum! 

Images of sistrums

images of sistrums

Basic "home paddock" Barcoo Dog

Barcoo dog in use


"Forky stick", Barcoo dog 

Drawing buy Ron Edwards

Lagerphone rattle sticks. (photocopy, first page)

Lagerphone Rattle stick drawn by Bob (photocopy, second page) 

Drawings by Bob, Mulga Wire 54, April 1986, Singabout insert, pp.S2-S3 

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  1. Hello, I wanted to thank you for this article. It was a wonderful discovering for me. I just wanted to do researches on the Internet about sistrums and I fell down here.
    I’m a french ceramist, working now on sistrums for a ceramic residency in Greece until the half of november.
    I have a question : do you know for what the barcoo dog is used ? Have you exemples about the use of this kind of sistrum ?
    Thank you in advance for reading.
    Kind regards,

    Corenthin Thilloy

  2. Corenthin, thanks for your enquiry, my apologies for the delay in answering.

    from the Macquarie Dictionary of Australian English - A Barcoo Dog is a rattle made of tin lids strung on a loop of baling wire, used for rounding up sheep and named after the Barcoo Shire in Western Queensland, where it originated.

    It was not often used in making music, but could be used when there were no other instruments. It has also been used to interest children in making music.

    I'll look for more information & email you.