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Bob Bolton Collection - Photos from the Opera House Concert, 1981 Bush Music Festival.

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Photos © Bob Bolton
Bush Music Festival, 18th & 23-35th October, 1981.

The concert was compared by Bob Hudson, & featured Vinegar Hill Bush Band, Gary Tooth, Alec Richards, Kate Delaney, Sydney Colonial Dancers, Alex Hood, John Dengate & Ryebuck Bush Band.

1.  Garry Tooth
2. "The Rev" (the Reverend Alex Richards) on (STRICTLY ENGLISH) Concertina ... instead of thumping his other pulpit!  811017a06

3.  Gordon McIntyre & Kate Delaney - 811017a04

4.  Jamie Carlin & Vinegar Hill - 81107a09.

5.  Non-Singing M C Bob Hudson - 811017a09

6.  Mulga Wire, no.28, Dec 81-p.6

7. Mulga Wire, no.28, Dec 81-p.7

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