Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Posters in the Hut - History on our walls - part 1

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Over the years the walls have been covered by posters & leaflets and other ephemera, and here's a selection.

Christmas Party 1978, this is probably one of the oldest posters.

Some are works of art - Original artwork by Sonia Bennett for the 40th Anniversary poster

Others are very ephemeral! New use for an old laminated notice.

This dance was held in 1975 or 1980 or 1986 (Perpetual calendars are fun to use!)

This Festival was held to mark our 25th Anniversary

Second Colonial Subscription Ball, Rockdale, 1979

Third Colonial Subscription Ball, Chatswood, 1980

Fourth Colonial Subscription Ball, Chatswood 1981

Seventeenth Colonial Subscription Ball, Chatswood 1994

The original way to Cut & Paste - 1975, 1980 or 1986

An early Beecroft poster

Bush Music at the Opera House

Kid's Festival colouring competition

Tickets for 1980 Festival

Weekend Pass for 1980 Bush Music Festival

A Bushwhacker Broadside published by BMC

Glebe Dance, 1975?, 1980?

Concert, 1979 or 1984

New Theatre, 1981

Parramatta Foundation festival, 1985

Reedy River by Dural Musical Society, 1979 or 1984

A traditional Woolshed dance at Sydney Town Hall, 1979

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