Friday 31 October 2014

Songwriting Workshop with Phyl Lobl

In September Phyl Lobl conducted a 2-day Songwriting workshop, sharing her knowledge gathered over five decades of singing, teaching and writing. 

Dark-eyed daughter EP released in 1968 with 2 of Phyl's earliest songs 

Big Nareen Cocky

Participants ranged from Paul Spencer, writer of many successful songs, to the writers of a couple of songs & those who had not yet written a single song! Unfortunately 2 of the participants were not able to join us for the Feedback session, but everyone agreed they had learnt a lot. 

Dot Newland, Max Gregory, Val Gregory, Elspeth Murphy, Allen Davis, Paul Spencer, Kate Maclurcan, Phyl Lobl

As a number of potential participants were not able to join the class, we'll be running it again next year & we hope that Phyl will also offer it to other groups as it is an excellent workshop.

For those who are interested in teaching music to young children, Phyl's 1978 book Not just noise with Ludwig and his musical company; illustrations by Jan D'Silva based on original concepts and drawings by Phyl Lob is available on her website. Phyl is also preparing a second edition of this book.

photos - Sandra Nixon


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