Saturday 25 October 2014

BMC at Kangaroo Valley Folk Festival, 2014

This was our first appearance in the beautiful Kangaroo Valley & we hope it won't be our last!


The massed band of the Bush Music Club and No Such Thing played for the Opening dance


BMC & No Such Thing met for a Tune Swap

No Such Thing? An Australian Scottish musician once said there was no such thing as traditional Australian music


Of course, the members of both bands were well represented in the late night sessions 

BMC's Ralph & Moira with their backs to the camera

No Such Thing's Collette looking after Richard's double bass while not missing a note


We presented our Saplings workshop twice for enthusiastic junior musicians.

Some of our Saplings were very new to bush music.

Others had a bit more experience

and some had a a lot more experience

The sessions ended with a dance 

and Dave ended up surrounded by a happy crowd!


And everyone had a great time trying different instruments & creating music.

Thanks to the tutors Chris Poleson (banjo & uke), Dave Johnson (fiddle), Helen Romeo (concertina, percussion), Jason Roweth (guitar) & Tony Romeo (lagerphone, percussion), & to the members who added their expertise - Chloe Roweth (mandolin), Margaret Bolliger (fiddle), Samantha O'Brien (flute), Wally Bolliger (piano accordion), & our second-generation members Claire Doherty & Jenny Bolliger (fiddles), Megan Roweth (all instruments) & Emily Poleson (uke)

Dave, Sam, Helen, Tony

Tony, Chloe & Jason 

Chris & Emily

Jenny, Margaret & Wally

Chloe & Joanna, Jason & Megan

Unfortunately Kerry Doherty, co-founder with Helen of Saplings was a bit busy & couldn't spend much time at the Saplings sessions!


We also presented a workshop on Winning Dances, led by Don Richmond & his daughter, Cathy Richmond

centre - Don & Cathy

Dave Johnson, Ralph Pride, Doug Richardson, Moira Cowling, Anish


Our Works of John Dengate presentation included examples of John's artwork

Chris Woodland, Dave Johnson, Megan,Joanna & Chloe & Jason Roweth, Ralph Pride

Margaret Bradford, Jason Roweth, Ralph Pride


Other contributions by members -  Naomi & Claire Doherty looked after Craft activities

Jason & Megan were among members who contributed to the Poets Breakfasts

BMC members were well represented at the Singing Session

Bob Murray, Helen Romeo

Frank Maher

Helen Romeo, Emily & Chris Poleson, Doug Richardson, Ann Maher

Emily on Youtube


Photos - Sandra Nixon

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