Thursday 7 July 2016

Duke's Place - Australian Songs in Concert & Session with Penny Davies & Roger Ilott, Friday 19th August, 2016

Bush Music Club
Tritton Hall
Hut 44, Addison Road Centre
142 Addison Rd,

Penny Davies and Roger Ilott occupy a unique place in Australian music spanning the great divide between Folk and Country. They have reinvigorated the bush ballad, kept alive the protest song, and have celebrated all that it means to be Australian without a cork hat, lagerphone or phoney accent on the horizon. Penny Davies simply has one of the richest voices in Australian folk and country music; add in the integrity of Roger Ilott's gentle delivery, and you have the best harmonies you're likely to hear. Coupled with Roger Ilott's compelling acoustic guitar and Rickenbacker 12 string artistry, it's little wonder Penny Davies & Roger Ilott, who already have an Australia wide following for their music, are now finding an audience for their songs around the world.
John Broomhall, Trad & Now


Restless Music is one of the longest running "little labels" in Australia.
Restless was started by Penny Davies & Roger Ilott back in 1983 in the backyard of a rented cottage in Balmain, NSW. After recording their first two LPs of their own work, Penny & Roger branched out and began recording compilation albums for folk performers in the Sydney area. These small runs of LPs (Workers In The Field - Volume 1 and 2, Under Southern Skies) were done as collective projects with everyone involved putting up money for the pressings and covers, and Penny & Roger doing the recording for free. They then recorded an LP Wilderness - Songs for Conservation and the Environment especially for the Wilderness Society.

Map of Addison Road Centre
Door opens 7.30 for 8pm start. Session 10.00-11.30pm
BYO songs
Cost - $10
Bring something to drink & a plate for supper
Enquiries & bookings - Sandra 9358 4886

Duke's place, named after our honoured early member Harold 'Duke' Tritton (1886-1965), is the place to go once a month for a great night of Australian songs in concert and session. Duke was a powerful singer who supplied BMC with many songs he had learnt in his younger days while working as a shearer and at other bush jobs. He was also a songwriter and poet giving us songs that have entered the tradition such as Sandy Hollow Line and Shearing in the Bar.

 photo by John Meredith (BMC archives)


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