Wednesday 5 October 2016

Gone Bush to Sofala - Friday 18th to Sunday 20th November, 2016

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The Bush Music Club goes to Sofala from Friday 18th to Sunday 20th November, for a weekend with Bathurst area musicians and singers .

 (BMC archives)

 Joe Yates by John Meredith  (BMC archives)


Bush Music Club Singalong: Join Allen for a good old Singalong. Playing and/or singing the ‘pot boilers’ of Bush Music. Those old favourites we have enjoyed for many years.

Camping: Camping is available at the Sofala Showground and it is free. Gates open at 2.00 pm Friday. All welcome.

Central West Tunes: Dave Johnson has prepared a selection of dances tunes sourced from the Central West. Join Rick for a musical tour of the Central West.

Concert in the Round: We play, sing and if you want to dance we will make room for that as well. If you want to be on the blackboard contact Kerry.

Concert Party Session; Monday night at the hut transferred to Sofala Memorial Hall.

Dinner/Welcoming Session; Come and say hello. Bring something to throw on the BBQ.

Music around the town: Sessions in the pub, the park or the hall. Get together with some friends and play some music.
Sally Sloane Song Book: Jude will lead you through the songs of Sally Sloane.
Sessions: Get a group together and start a session. You are very welcome to play at the pub and in the park.
Slow Session: It's back. Bring a cup of tea, your toast and start the day slowly with collected Australian tunes played at a leisurely pace.
Tunes of Joe Yates: We are in Joe’s town. Tony will lead you through some of the iconic tunes of Joe Yates.
Waltzathon: Can there ever be too many waltzes? The ever popular Bush Music Club Waltzathon will be lead by Mariamma.
Books will be available for all Workshop Sessions


Meet local members and explore the goldfields!

There is also a limited amount of accommodation available in the area.

enquiries - Sandra 9358 4886
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