Friday 24 February 2017

Next week's Beecroft Dance has been moved to Cherrybrook!

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Bush dance with Ryebuck,
7.30 to 11.30,
Saturday 4th March, 2017

The Hall needs urgent work, so we will be holding our dance in the  Redgum Hall, Cherrybrook Community Centre,

Shepherds Lane (off Shepherds Drive)
Cherrybrook, near Cherrybrook Village Shopping Centre

It's a 9 minute drive from Beecroft to Cherrybrook - see Google maps directions here

enquiries - Sigrid 9980 7077 or Wilma 9489 5594


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  1. In regard to the black and white photo of musicians on the back of the flatbed truck the unnamed other accordion player sitting on the back of the truck wearing beard and bowler hat is my father Brian Haylett.He is alive and well living in Adelaide

  2. thanks for your identification of Brian Haylett, however the picture is not in this article.

    Photo of BMC members at Trunkey Creek festival is in this article

    I'll edit the caption to add your father.