Friday 21 April 2017

Report on Bob Bolton's Lifetime Achievement Award, NFF17

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Award made by Woodcraft Guild, ACT, photo by Chris Woodland
There were 2 displays of Bob Bolton's photos at this year's NFF in honour of his Lifetime Achievement Award.

Bob was an official photographer for the National for many years and Graham McDonald of NFF Board created a display using images from BMC and NFF archives. Bob's negatives of local & national folk events dating from late 1970 (after the 1970 National) are held by the National Library.

A display of Bob's dance photos was a popular attraction in the Coorang with dancers providing identifications of some of the people in the photos. Check out the links for the updated captions. Further updates are welcome via email

A selection of Bob Bolton's photos taken at Bush Music Club's 1983 Heritage Ball

A selection of Bob Bolton's dance photos taken at Festivals, 1993 to 2002
Bob was unable to be at NFF when the award was presented so Chris Woodland accepted it & handed it over the next day.
ob Bolton - Chris Woodland photo

Pat & Bob Bolton - Chris Woodland photo

Bob and Pat @ NFF17.

ob Bolton - Sandra Nixon photo

ob Bolton - Sandra Nixon photo

Bob & Pat Bolton - Sandra Nixon photo

Pat Bolton - Sandra Nixon photo

Dance display - Sandra Nixon photo

ob & dance display photos - Sandra Nixon photo

Bolton - Sandra Nixon photo


Bob & Pat Bolton, Chris Woodland & Graham McDonald with NFF display. (Sandra Nixon photos)

Photos - Sandra Nixon 


Early members with Secretary

Ann Maher (1960), Jenny Loughlin (born in the early days of BMC to founder members Brian & Pam Loughlin), Chris Woodland (early 60s), Sandra Nixon, Frank Maher (arrived 1955, joined a year later)   (Photo - Virginia Woodland)

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