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Bob Bolton Collection - Crookwell Collected Music weekend, 26th April 1993

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Photos found in an envelope, labelled Binda 930426

Binda - the town of the Boxing Day Ball where
Ben Hall, John Gilbert & John Dunn danced with those plucky girls at the Flag Hotel (now Rose Cottage)
From the Archives - Pioneer Music & Dance at Binda, 23rd May 1992.

Mulga Wire, 96, Apr 1993, p.13

1.   concertina  (
930426 - 1)

(930426 - 4)

horse     (930426 - 5)

Dave de Santi 2nd from left    (930426 - 7)

5.            (
930426 - 9)

6. Pat Bolton,   
(930426 - 37)

(930426 - 38)

(930426 - 43)

scanned from 8 prints

BINDA BALL, 1864  (words John Manifold, music John Harpley)
There was never a dance like our Boxing Day ball,
For we found, at the height of the fun,
That the Monks girls were dancing with Gilbert and Hall,
And Christina McKinnon with Dunn.

The bushranger’s gold in their candlelight flowed,
And we joined in their generous caprice;
But storekeeper Morris ran off down the road
To Bathurst, to warn the police.

'Bad scran to the blackguard!' cried Margaret Monks,
'There’s time for just one event more
It’s a matter of teaching good manners to skunks
Come on, and we’ll burn down his store!'

When the traps and the traitor rode up with the dawn
The store had been burnt to the ground,
The dancing was over, the curtains were drawn,
And the bushrangers couldn’t be found.

They arrested Christina and Ellen and Peg,
But we heard the girls pluckily call,
'It’s cheap at the price to have shaken a leg
With John Gilbert, Jack Dunn and Ben Hall!'

************************************************************************************************* *************************************************************************************************

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