Tuesday 7 May 2019

Playford dancing in the Hut

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The workshop is led by Julie and Alex Bishop. We teach English dances published by John Playford from 1651 onwards, as well as later dances, eg. from the Apted collection (late 18th century); & a few more recent dances in English style. Average number of dancers is 12, with 25 for the end-of-year dance, but English dancing can accommodate any even number of dancers from 4 up.

Fiddler Ralph Pride leads a group of volunteer musicians (the Playford Players) who happily play these lovely old tunes! Alex plays flute when not needed as a dancer.

A little history - 
Julie and Alex Bishop met at Sydney Playford in 1978 where Lynette Hicks and Noreen Grunseit were the earliest teachers. Back in '78 there was always live music, with Roz Uren (now Kerr) on mandolin, Chris Kempster on guitar, and Ken Greenhalgh on flute - at the Old Elizabethan Theatre in Kings Cross.)

Photos of Playford c1980 to c2000 by Louise Murray

Hut 44, Community Centre, 142 Addison Rd, Marrickville. 7.30-9.30pm.

The dance workshop is held on the first Tuesday of each month except January.  It may also be cancelled if festivals etc clash. To help cover use of hall, and insurance, we charge $7, $5 students.

3 articles by dance historian Heather Clarke

Playford in Sydney in the 1930s

A dance for Shakespeare

Cheshire rounds

Photos © Fay Lau, March 2018





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