Thursday 6 June 2019

UK CD re-release -Beyond The Seas by Lawrence Hoy

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Folk fans will finally get the chance to hear a Wigan musician’s tribute to Australia’s first settlers on CD three decades after it was first released.

email from  Lawrence Hoy, Folk Singer/songwriter from Wigan - please contact him if you would like a copy.

In 1988, I released an album: a memorial of the First Fleet to Botany Bay. On The Friendship and The Lady Penrhyn there were two people from Wigan, Henry Taylor & Mary Smith. The story of their transportation forms the basis of my album Beyond The Seas.
In 1988 it was released on vinyl and cassette.

I released it on CD last year: I’m currently working on the Folk Clubs around here presenting the album as a show.

Hope you enjoy the song-suite  


Review in Wigan Today/Wigan Observer/Wigan Post, February 2018 -

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