Wednesday 1 June 1977

From the Archives - Mulga Wire, no.1, June 1977 - complete

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description of the Bush Music Club from page 10


2.  Editorial - Publishing Committee  - Bob Bolton, Rlph Prde & Dave Johnson

3. Talking with Phyl Lobl  pp. 3-4 R.B. (Bob Bolton)


5. The Mulga Workshop - Rattling your Bones with Frank Maher

6. Bush Lore - Instrument Building and Australian Timbers  D.J (Dave Johnson)

7. Book reviews - Jamie Carlin's Simple Tutor for Tin Whistle

8. Book reviews - A Big Book of Australian Folk Song by Ron Edwards R.P (RA=alph Pride)

9.  Club News  The new Concert Party

10. Annual General Meeting, Singabout night 25th June 1977 (photos here)

11. Bil board - Newcastle Folk Festival, June long weekend

12. Calendar notes

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