Tuesday 28 June 2022

From the Archives - Leaflets introducing BMC

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see also From the archives - Miscellaneous documents, 1978-1991, parts 1-5

Undated leaflets -
189 Clarence St venue was used from March 1966 to March 1969

1. Lyrics - Flash Jack from Gundagai

2. Lyrics - Drover's Dream

3. Lyrics - The Old Bullock Dray

4. Lyrics - Jog along till shearing. If you have enjoyed singing songs tonight with the Bush Music Club, you might like to attend their weekly meetings which are held Tuesday nights at 7-45p.m. Third Floor. 189 Clarence Street, Sydney. For information Telephone 630-5107.
BMC moved from 189 to 52 Clarence St in April 1969.


2.  Briefly the aims of the Bush Music Club are to collect and popularise Australia's folk songs and to encourage the composition of a new kind of song - one that is traditional in style but contemporary in theme. We are no longer a nation of drovers, and bullockies - the majority of our people are engaged in industry; so from them we can hope to expect industrial ballads ... and from the man on the land songs of his modern environment.

3.  Some Activities - Singabout magazine, Workshop nights, Singabout nights, Concert Group

4.  BMC has had a GPO Box since 1957.


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