Tuesday 23 February 2021

Fran Shaw's songsheets - part 6

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Fran Shaw's songsheets - Part 1, Bush Music Club Song Sheets dated 1956 & 1957, & undated

Anniversaries - Bush Music Club's 2nd Anniversary, 1956 - Fran Shaw's Song Sheets (Part 2)

Fran Shaw's Songsheets, Part 3. Miscellaneous sets & papers

Fran Shaw's songsheets - Part 4. Camp Songs, Dept of Education, Phys Education Branch

Fran Shaw's songsheets - Part 5, Talks on bush music

In 1995 Chrissie Shaw, daughter of early members Rod & Fran Shaw gave us items from her parents' collections, including 2 manilla folders of song sheets, many of them undated. Dated song sheets range from 1957 to 1961.

Song Sheets from Bush Music Club

Song Of Australia, Land of Mine, Advance Australia Fair, Recessional

The Station Cook,  A Nautical Yarn
The Ram of Dalby, The Newmerella Shore (sic)

Dark as a Dungeon, Hungry Jim the Miner

True Lover's Farewell

The Farmer's Daughter

Remember Bellbird (Cessnock mine) to tune of British Heroes (McColl)

The Old Bark Hut 

BMC welcomes you to our Workshop nights at 38 Clarence St
Next Singabout night is our Back to the Bush night in November.

Brave Ben Hall

Flash Jack from Gundagai, Where's your licences (Thatcher)

With my Swag all on my Shoulder, The Stranger (a new song)

Ballad of Jack Power, The Rattle of the Windlasses

The Farmer's Daughter


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