Friday 19 March 2021

From the Archives - Social nights at the Hut, 2005 and 2009

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Sunday 11th March, 2005  Photos © Sandra Nixon

Mulga Wire no. 167, Feb 2005

Lorraine's granddaughters


Kyrill & Dorothy Taylor

Kathy Chapman, Dot Dawson

Dot Dawson, Mark Poleson, Pete Cahill, Bob Bolton

Eddie Sampson,   Dorothy & Kyrill 

Kyrill Taylor



Sunday 16th November, 2008

Mulga Wire, no. 189, Oct 2008, p.4

Dave Johnson, Anne Pidcock, Sam O'Brien

Dave & Anne with concertinas

Pete Cahill, Eddie Sampson, ?

Sam O'Brien, Anne Pidcock, Dave Johnson, Pete Cahill,
Eddie Sampson

Sandra Nixon, Bob Bolton

Eric Eisler, Sam O'Brien, Anne Pidcock, Dave Johnson,
Michaela Simoni, Pete Cahill

?, Eric Eisler, Sam O'Brien

Bob Bolton

Bob Bolton

Concertina, whistle


Dave Johnson, Michaela Simoni, Pete Cahill, 
Eddie Sampson

Eddie Sampson

Chris Poleson, Pete Cahill

Eddie Sampson

Eric Eisler, Dave Johnson

Anthony Brauer

Pete Cahill, Eddie Sampson

Margaret & Emily Poleson

Dave Johnson, Anne Pidcock

Dave Johnson, Anne Pidcock

Chris Poleson, Pete Cahill

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