Monday 31 October 2022

Festival reports - Kangaroo Valley Folk Festival 2022

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1. Mariamma Mitchell (red jumper)

2. Dave Johnson, Alan Swift (Monaro Folk Society)

3. Chris Woodland

4. George Bolliger, Ralph Pride, Bob Murray, Sharyn Mattern

5. Virginia Woodland

6. Zack (whistle), Chris Woodland (mouth organ) 

7.  Members of Canberra Shanty Club, coordinators Iain & Ewen

8. Shanty Club Members 

9.  Alan Swift, John Biasutti (accordion, shanty singer & former BMC member), Don Brian

10. Bob Fagan

11.  Sam O'Brien, Bruce Cameron, Margaret Fagan, Tony Romeo

12.  George Bolliger, Ralph Pride, Bob Murray, Helen Romeo, Zack

13.  Saturday -  Concertina consultation with George Bolliger 

14.  Concertina consultation with Dave Johnson
 held too early to attract young musicians & would-be-musicians

15. Sapling tutors & friends - Tutors Helen Romeo, Sam O'Brien, Tony Romeo, Margaret Bolliger, George Bolliger - friends Alan Swift, Don Brian

16.  George Bolliger, Helen Romeo, Tony Romeo

17. Zack

18. Zack & Doug

followed BMC's workshop on Saturday.  

19.  The final BMC song was South Australia & the shanty singers knew a lot more verses than were originally collected so started their session with gusto!! 

20.  South Australia 

21.  South Australia

22.  Don Brian wearing his pirate boots!

23.  Son of 2 shanty singers, not singing as he is busy 

24. Shanty session

25.  Shanties in the Pony Club, Sunday

26.  Late night shanties, Sunday

27.  Shanties in Le Petit Grand

28. La Petit Grande


29.  Friday - Jackie Luke, Moir Holmes, Darri Adamson

30. Friday night session

31. Saturday session

32. Volunteer party, Sunday night

33. Final session Sunday night

34. Final session, Sunday night 


35. Irish dance with Margaret Winnett

36. Irish musicians

37. Bush dance with No Such Thing, caller Sally Leslie

38. Colin Townes workshop

39. Bush Dance with BMC Concert Party, caller Margaret Bollliger

40. Dancers

40. Concert Party & friends - Bob McInnis, Ralph Pride, Mariamma Mitchell, George Bolliger

41. Bob McInnis, Ralph Pride


42.  40 Degrees South - Don Brian, Margaret Walters, new  member Jude Alexander, Chris Maltby, Tom Hanson

43. Trippy Hippies

44. Chris Woodland with Bill Scott, son of BMC founders Gay & Alan Scott

45. Black Joak Morris

46. Miguel Heatwole at Spice Tent Blackboard

47.  Tripple Effect at Spice Tent Blackboard 

48. Drawing by Festival artist

49. Anita & Peter Mace

50. Director Stuart Leslie & long-term volunteer Rodney

51. George Bolliger, Ralph Pride, Bob Murray

52. Bob's dog Ned

53. T-shirt. Australien (sic) Government. Department for Thoughts & Prayers

54.  Bruce Watson 


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