Tuesday 26 September 2023

From the Archives - Bob Bolton Collection - A selection of photographs of Declan Affley from the Bolton Files

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all photos © Bob Bolton

Over the years Bob took a series of photos at local folk clubs, including The Town Crier 

1. A selection of Photographs of Declan Affley from the Bolton Files

2. Declan Affley - Town Crier Folk Club, photo by Bob Bolton 

3. Prints laid out for photographing

4. E:\Declan Print\7202-183 Town Crier\Sepia (February 1972)

5.  E:\Declan Scans\Declan - T&N (used for an article in Trad & Now)

6. E:\Declan Scans

7. National Folk Festival Melbourne 1973

8. 7304 - Declan on pipes, 1973 National Folk Festival?

9.  74 - Declan Eliz (Elizabeth Folk Club??)

10. Town Crier Folk Club, Balmain,1972

11.  P.A.C.T Folk Club, Sydney 1971



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