Wednesday 31 January 2024

Obit - Death of Eddie Sampson, January 2024

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 (Photos 1-14 © Sandra Nixon) 

Eddie Sampson was the person who introduced me to Australian Poetry not only our great poets but to my amazement he also produced a number of wonderful poems.
I admired Eddie as he happened to be a great racing car driver when younger.. mostly speedway and this fact got my interest straight away. Then listening to his own poems I thought “If this bloke can write poetry then I might have a go myself “…and that was the beginning of my journey into the world of Rhyme. His sense of humour and enthusiasm made my visits to Hut 44 a highlight in my life.
I can still see him beating his chest in time to recreate the sounds of galloping horses in a poem and the cheeky look when he harassed Bob Bolton into playing a gumleaf. I guess I really admired all these things from Eddie but what I admired most was his unwavering loyalty to Australian Poetry and Music. Wonderful memories of an incredible character whom like Bob Bolton was the heart and soul of the BMC for me. We miss you cobber and will never forget your light that shone in our little Hut Monday nights.  Pete Cahill.

It was always going to be a good night,if Eddie turned up. You would have to go a long way to meet a nicer bloke. Pete & I were always blown away by his repertoire. His delivery was superb. My favourite poem was the one about the father of the bride when asked ‘who gives this bride away?’ ‘GIVES! ….and on it went. Brilliant. Very happy memories of this wonderful bush poet.  Sue McMahon.

So sad to hear of Eddie’s passing! He has been one of the sort of “mischievous rogues” of the BMC and I mean that in the nicest possible way! He had a very quick wit but never seemed to be the one to push himself onto people - seemingly happy to be a step or two away from the “limelight” while all the while observing what was happening around him in that way that poets and songwriters seem to do! 

He was a deep thinker with a great sense of humour and, when the opportunities arose, he delivered his poems with a real flair of expression that captivated his audience! He didn’t just recite a poem, he was telling you a story and getting you involved!!

He was also very generous in his support and encouragement of others - a genuinely nice bloke whose presence and contributions will be sadly missed.  Tony Romeo



1.  Eddie at The Loaded Dog Folk Club, 2009

2.  Eddie reciting at BMC Social, 2005  

3. Social, 2008

4. Social 2008
5. Social, 2008

6. Social, 2008

7. Social 2008

8. Social 2008

9. Concert Party, Sept 2007

10.  Eddie, Dec 2012

11. Eddie, Dec 2012

12. Eddie, Dec 2012

13. Eddie, Dec 2012

14. Christmas 2016

Bob Bolton Photos

15. Eddy @ The Loaded Dog, 2007 - 070623 017 - Bob Bolton photo

16. Eddy @ The Loaded Dog, 2007 - 070623 026 - Bob Bolton photo

17. Eddy @ The Hut 2010 - 100913 001 - Bob Bolton photo



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