Thursday 8 February 2024

From the Archives - Barbara Gibbons' Music Book, 1980s

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Donated by Barbara Gibbons 

1.  Da Slockit Light by Tom Anderson, 1969

2. Jacqueline's Waltz by Tom Anderson, 1980

3.  Slockit Light (2nd fiddle)

4.  Hakki's Polka 

5. Lockwood's Lament, arranged by Wayne Richmond  (22/6/87)

6.  Varsoveienna (Sally Sloane) & Cock of the North

7.  Cock of the North, Garryowen,  Haymaker's Jig, 
Flannigan's Ball, Muckin' O' Geordie's Byre

8.  Life is all Checkered, Shandon Bells, Tenpenny Bit, 
Moriat's Jig, The Irish Washerwoman 

9.  Tune A  - Planxty Irwin, Tune B - Big Fairy Mountain & Little Fairy Mountain




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