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From the Archives - Maitland Steamfest, 2011

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Maitland Steamfest offers a great family day out, and a historical look at the role of steam in the development of the Hunter area. There’s also a race between a train and plane, and a boutique beer train, so if you’re looking for something different to do with the family this weekend be assured that steam engine enthusiasts aren’t the only people enjoying Maitland’s annual celebration of all things railway.

When the last Newcastle coal-operated steam haulage freight service was closed down in 1983, local railway enthusiasts organised the first Hunter Valley Steamfest in 1986 and 26 years later the festival has grown into a popular annual event attracting crowds from well beyond the local area.

Focused around the Maitland Railway Station precinct, the festival features both moving and static engine displays, model train exhibitions, a Powerhouse museum display, activities for the kids and a carnival-like atmosphere with a variety of food and market stalls, street performers and music by live local jazz combos and brass bands. 

BMC members Brian Dunnett, Frank Maher & Bob Bolton, the 
Get Folked trio & John Hospodaryk presented 2 concerts, and also had a session with Newcastle musicians 

(photos © Sandra Nixon)

1. Session 
2. John Hospadaeyk, 2 members of Get Folked, Kay 
3. Kay, Brian Dunnett, Sharyn Mattern
4. Newcastle folkies, John
5. Get Folked, Bob Bolton, Brian Dunnett
6. Bob Bolton 
7. Brian Dunnett 
8. Get Folked trio, Bob Bolton 
9. Get Folked (duo),  Frank Maher, Bob Bolton 
10. audience 
11. Bob & audience 
12. John, Get Folked (duo), Frank, Bob, Brian
13. Get Folked, John, Frank, Brian, Bob 
14.  John, Get Folked (duo), Frank, Bob, Brian
15. Bob 
16. Dancers 
17. Frank, Bob
18. Furphy water tanks
19. Get Folked 
20. Get Folked
21.  John, Get Folked (duo), Frank, Bob, Brian
22.  John 
23.  Spoons 
24.  Town Crier 


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