Sunday 14 April 2024

Report on BMC members & friends gigs @ NFF 2024

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(photos © Sandra Nixon)

1. Protest Songs with Kate Delaney, Moya Simpson, Margaret Walters,
& Christina Mimmocchi
2. Young dancers

3.  Shiny Bums - Arminal Ryan, Chris Clarke, Pat Ryan

4. Shiny Bum Frankie Seymour

5.  Morris hats

6.  Lost Quays shanty workshop

7. Kathie Potter & daughters sold beautiful hats & tiaras at Happenstance Hats

8. Happenstance Hats

9. Visiting UK-based traditional singer Linn Phipps singing in the stairwell

10. Paramedics enjoying the dancing 

11. Not so many posters & leaflets this year - saving trees!

12. Posters & leaflets 

13.  Workshop with Gay Charmers 

14. Old time Ball with Gay Charmers

15. Gay Charmers workshop 

16. Gay Charmers Old Time Ball 

17. Scottish Ball 

17. Scottish Ball with Catherine Fraser Trio 

18.  Workshop for the Shirley Andrews Tribute Dance with
Victorian Folk Music Club's Billabong Band  

19. Billabong Band 

20.  Billabong Band playing for the Shirley Andrews Tribute dance 

21. Shirley Andrews Tribute Dance 

22.  Moir Holmes playing for dancers in the Session Bar 

23. Bill & Margaret Winnett & friends dancing in the Session Bar

24. Heather Clarke's Workshop for Callers

25. Heather & friend

26. Fans of Black Joak Morris  

27. Scandinavian dancers & musicians heading for the dance floor 

  28. Bruce Watson with Zampoñistas, Melbourne's Bolivian Panpipe marching band

29.  Bruce Watson, singer/songwriter/folklorist 

30.  Singing session 

31. Tunes session in the Session Bar 

32. Tunes session 

33. Concertina player at tunes session 

34. Strings at tunes session 

35. Mouth organs at tunes session 

36. 2024 National Folk Fellowship Winner, John Shortis with Moya Simpson & 
Worldly Goods Choir present Worth Fighting For (Australian protesters and their songs)
- Songs of Protest discovered in the National Library

37. John with choir members

38.  Alistair Hulett Award for Songs of Social Justice concert of recent winners.
2017 winner Miguel Heatwole with Bob Fagan

39.  Easter was very early so the famous red tree was barely coloured! 

40.  Sunset 




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