Saturday 22 June 2024

From the Archives - Miscellaneous correspondence - 1960's onwards

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1 & 2. Letter to John Meredith, 16 Feb 1980 re Mulga Wire no. 17 -
Club history, Duke Trtiton & Frank The Poet 
2. Page 2 of letter to John Meredith 

3 & 4 - file copy of letter written by Gay Scott to Judy Ann James,
Compere Women's Session, A.B.C. about a recent talk on the programme
by Dr  Percy James about his collection of Australian Folk Songs,
& introducing the Bush Music Club. 

4. second page of letter to A.B.C.

5. l8th Dec1969 letter from Chris Woodland re activities of the
Mulwala Bush Music Club

6. Letter from Chris Woodland, 10th Dec 1969 

7 - 8.  Feb 1980 letter from Bob Bolton to Chris Woodland re
BMC history,  Percy Spouse champion mouth organist
in the 1920s,  & a poem by Duke Tritton

8. page 2 of Feb 1980 letter

9.  April 1980 letter from Chris Woodland to Bob Bolton re. recordings
made by Percy Spouse 

10.  May 2007 letter from Edgar Penzig 



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