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Chris and Virginia Woodland Collection - Wake for John Meredith, AM (1920 - 2001) - 24th March 2001

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Photographs taken by Chris & Virginia Woodland at the wake held on 24th March 2001 for John Meredith, AM, founding member and Life Member of the Bush Music Club.
Photos © Chris & Virginia Woodland

Wake photos from the Bob Bolton Collection are are here

On 16 February we lost probably the most important collector of Australian folk lore, and an important member of our Club. This article John Meredith, The Bush Music Club & The Australian Folk Song Revival (1950’s)  covers some of John's contributions to the collecting and preservation of our national culture. We hope it will help underline John's importance to this Club and all who care about our heritage. Mulga Wire, no. 144, April 2001.

Obit by Keith McKenry which appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald. 

Obit by Chris published in Stockmans Hall of Fame, June 2001 (Chris & Virginia Woodland Collection)

1.  Merro's canvas Director's chair
Sepia photos from the Chris & Virginia Woodland collection 

2.   Alex Hood
3.   Alison Jones & Chris Kempster
4.   Bill Scott
5.   Bill, Gay & Ashley Scott

6.   Chris Kempster

7.   Chris Woodland
- Keith McKenry behind him. Edgar Waters in middle at front of audience, in light coloured clothing, Jenny McKenry and Bob Campbell to right of Edgar.
8.   Chris Woodland reading his memories (see text below) 
9.   back - Eva Gaddes, Richard Evans,
front - Chris Woodland, Suzie Bunyan & her husband 'H"  
10.   Dr Edgar Waters

11.  Frank Maher & Jack Barrie

12.   Gay Scott

13.   Harry Kay

14.   unidentified, Chris Kempster, Ken Greenhalgh, Bob Campbell, Sharon Frost, Alex Hood
15.   Jamie Carlin
16.   Keith McKenry
17.   Kevin Bradley, Reg Murray, Harry Kay, Rob Willis, Olya Willis
19.   Merros's niece Suzie Bunyan
20.   The Bushwhackers - Chris Kempster, Harry Kay, Alex Hood, Jack Barrie
21.   Rob Willis leads the session - Alison Jones, Harry Kay, Bob Campbell, Sharon Frost, Rob, Scot Carlin, Jacqui Bradley, Kevin Bradley
22.   The Bushwhackers - Chris Kempster, Alex Hood, Jack Barrie, Harry Kay
 23.   Virginia Woodland, Shelley Grant

24.   Unknown, Chris Kempster, Ken Greenhaulgh, Bob Bolton, Alison Jones, Bob Campbell, Alex Hood & Sharon Frost

Vale Merro (John Meredith 17.1.1920 - 16.2.2001) Read at Merro's wake held Saturday 24th March 2001 held at Gay Scott's 'Bent Acres', Amy Street Balmoral Village. He had died Albury Hospital 16th February. Chris Woodland, 10 March 2001


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