Thursday 25 August 2016

Report on 3rd John Dengate Commemorative Concert & Get Together of old friends and family, Sunday 21st August 2016

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from Dale
Thanks to all who came, sang, attended at the memorial concert for John and his legacy. Brought some tears to the eyes to see so many folk still inspired to sing and write on. The Dengate family send their love to all and thanks for tolerance for our family bit of silliness and teasing.

John at the 2012 launch of his 3rd book at the Bush Music Club
(Chris Woodland photo)

Thanks to John's old friends father & daughter Max & Leyne Elbourne for once again organising the get-together, further thanks to Leyne for maintaining The John Dengate Collection, a library of John Dengate videos, photos, words and memories.

Leyne & Max with Dale Dengate  (Sandra Nixon photo)


Dale (Sandra Nixon photo)

John's sons Lachlan & Sean  (Chris Maltby photo)

John's grandson Cal (Chris Maltby photo)

John's granddaughter Roisin (Chris Maltby photo)

MC Max (Sandra Nixon photo)

Margaret Walters (Sandra Nixon photo)

Solidarity Choir singing ASIO  
(Sandra Nixon photo)

Miguel Heatwole, Dale, Ann & Frank Maher (Sandra Nixon photo)

Cathy Rytmeister singing Precious Gift, winner of the first John & Dale Dengate Parody competition, 2014

Chris Maltby singing the 3-times updated I Can't Abide (John Dengate 1998, Paul Spencer, 2014, Chris Maltby 2015, 2016)   (Prue Cancian photo & video)

Jane Scott singing Claire from Railway Square, her parody of Bill from Erskineville. (Sandra Nixon photo)

Sue Gee singing a parody written on the way to the concert   (Sandra Nixon photo) 

Peter Russell (Sandra Nixon photo)

Seamus Gill (Chris Maltby photo)

   Leigh Birkett & Doug Jenner (Chris Maltby photo)

 Steve 'Watto' Watson 
(Chris Maltby photo)

Staci Cruchfield dancing with Johnnie Clough. Staci donated the ceramic for the raffle which raised $200 for the Garvan Institute's John Dengate Memorial Cancer Research Fund, taking the total to $3000.     (Sandra Nixon photo)

Roy Elbourne, Lachlan, & Steve Watson (Chris Maltby photo) 

Tom Salisbury who was involved in the first production of Reedy River in 1953, and also involved with BMC in the very early days  (Sandra Nixon photo)


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  1. Jane Scott sang her parody of "Bill from Erskineville" called "Claire from Railway Square".