Friday 2 September 2016

Report on Saplings Masterclass August 2016

The Masterclass started early for 2 families from the Hunter who stayed on Saturday night. Special thanks to those who helped set up & vacuumed the floors on Sunday.

(photo Doug Vincent)

Session before bed (Doug Vincent photo)

 Bush Music Festival 1982, the last time we had people sleeping in the Hut. (BMC archives)

Tutors - Beck Richmond, Vanessa Lockwood, Chris Poleson, Tony Romeo, Helen Romeo, Dave Johnson
Thanks also to Steve, George, Narelle and Doug & the Vincent family who set up chairs & vacuumed!




Beck's group


Vanessa'a group

Verandah music

(Doug Vincent photo)

George & Beck


Spoons lesson from Helen

Beck's tune writing workshop



Concert (Doug Vincent photo)

(Photos Sandra Nixon unless otherwise indicated)

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