Saturday, 17 September 2016

Wake for Alan Scott, 1930-1995

Biography & description of the Scott collection in National  Library Oral History Collection

Gay & Alan Scott (courtesy of Jane & Bill Scott)

Photos taken at the Scott house, possibly celebrating Alan's life. He does not appear in the photos.  (BMC archives, unknown photographer)

Thanks to Dale Dengate & Ann & Frank Maher for help with identification of people in the photos.

1.  Tania de Santi,
Brian van der Plaat, Helen Golak (nee Maher), Patricia Early seated

2. Seamus Gill, Col McJannett

3.Alan Phillips 


5. Seamus Gill, Kevin Baker
6. Seamus Gill, Kevin Baker,
7.  Tania de Santi, Fran Scott, Ashley Scott, Gay Scott, unidentified, Bill Scott, Seamus Gill

8.  Bob Bolton

9. Alan Phillips, John Dengate, Brian Dunnett.

10. Keith McKenry leaning on wall, Maher grandson, Dave de Santi

11. Denis Kevans

12. Frank Maher, Dale Dengate, Bob Bolton, Bill Scott, Seamus Gill, Beth Muntz, Denis Kevans, Brad Tate, Ann Maher & Helen Golak (nee Maher)

13. Frank & Ann Maher, Keith McKenry, Brad Tate, Kevin Baker, Dave de Santi, Elizabeth Maher,

14. Frank & Ann Maher, Keith McKenry, Brad Tate, Kevin Baker

16. front - Margaret Walters, Len Neary

17. Brian Dunnett, Maureen Chapman, Chris Kempster

18. Dave de Santi, Frank Canty, Gay Scott

19. Frank & Ann Maher, Keith McKenry, Kevin Baker

20. Rita Hufton, Beth Muntz, Elizabeth Maher, Brad Tate, Brian van der Plaat, Helen Golak & son David, Tania De Santi, Len Neary

21. Maureen Chapman, Chris Kempster, Ulladulla.

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