Thursday 17 August 2017

Concert Party will be celebrating its 60th birthday in 2017

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In 1957 the Bushwhackers split up, with some members leaving the club, and others forming part of the newly established Concert Party which would be the performing arm of the Club.

Over the decades it also became the training ground for other Bush Bands and here's a partial list. Thanks to Ralph Pride, Dave Johnson, Eric Eisler and Don Richmond for band names.

Want to add a band to the list?  

Abercrombie Bush Band
Baranagroo (the latest band, formed 2017)

Pinchgut Colonial Band
Reedy River Bushmen
Southern Cross, mark 1
Southern Cross, mark 2
Sydney Coves Bush Band
Vinegar Hill Bush Band

Members of the first Concert Party were Bushwhackers John Meredith and Alan Scott, with Peter Francis, Lorna Lovell, Jamie Carlin and Gay Terrie (later Scott.) 

1. First mention of Concert Party - BMC Newsletter 3(1) June 1957 (BMC Archives)
Second mention of Concert Party -   "Fran" Shaw accompanies her singing with the lute, a beautiful instrument that is rarely heard these days. "Fran" is an enthusiastic Bush Music Club member and performs with the Club's Concert Party.   Singabout, Volume 2(3), December 1957, p. 7

2.  Singabout Vol 3(1), Summer 1958.

3. Singabout Vol 3(1), Summer 1958, page 16

4. Singabout Vol 3(1), Summer 1958, page 20
In 1969 Concert Party was re-organised and one part was renamed The Bushwhackers with members Jamie Carlin, Brian Loughlin, Jack Barrie, John Meredith, Alan Scott and Peter Francis.

5.  Singabout Vol 3(3), Winter/Spring 1959, page 19
The revived Bushwhackers were still a part of Concert Party in 1961, but the name lapsed sometime later.

6. Singabout 4(3), September 1961
7.  Extracts from Editorial, Singabout 4(3), September 1961. page 2 & 17.

8.  Singabout 5(4),December 1965  page 12  (BMC Archives)

9.  Singabout 6(2), 1967, page 3 (final issue of Singabout, with hand drawn box around the item!)  (BMC Archives)
40 years later

10.  Mulga Wire 123, October 1997, page 5. (BMC Archives)

11. Mulga Wire, no. 123, Dec 1997, pages 14 & 15 (BMC Archives)


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