Tuesday 28 August 2018

CD REVIEW - Saturdays In The Casual Room – Megan Roweth

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Saturdays In The Casual Room – Megan Roweth

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Megan at Poet's Breakfast, Kangaroo Valley 2014 (Sandra Nixon photo)

I first heard Megan recite about five years ago when she was lifted onto a chair so she could reach the microphone. It was Banjo Paterson’s Been There Before and, at the time, I thought “what a wonderful rendition”. Over the past five years it has been a delight to see and hear how much she has developed and become quite comfortable in her choice of material and its delivery. Five years of festivals, poet’s breakfasts and concerts have given her the experience and aplomb to match, and quite often surpass, reciters of any age.
The CD itself is presented in a cardboard case with a well-designed cover (Megan’s work) where most of the poems are represented as pictures on the wall in the “casual room”. It literally invites you to pull up your favourite chair, make yourself comfortable and sit back and enjoy!!

From the selection of material on the album and Megan’s ease of delivery, it seems fairly safe to assume that she has chosen the poems she wanted to record - the emotional connection to the poems in her delivery comes across as very natural and relaxed. You can tell that she has not only spent time learning the words but really thinking about the best way to deliver them to make the most of the listeners enjoyment. Well done Megan.

This CD is an absolute must for collectors of Australian poetry and for those who have never owned an album of poetry, a great opportunity to listen to a thoughtful mix of some well-known standards, some lesser known material and two of Megan’s originals which are very powerful – belying her young age! It is a CD you will want to listen to often just to feel the different emotions of each track and listen to the tempo and warmth of Megan’s voice.

It is very exciting to see new, young reciters enjoying and building on the resource that is Australian poetry. This is quite an exceptional album for someone so young and I am very much looking forward to her next offering!

Megan at Poet's Breakfast, NFF18
(Sandra Nixon photo)

(Sandra Nixon photo)

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