Thursday 28 November 2019

65 Songs for 65 years - A History in Songs. Songs of the Bush Music Club, Celebrating the 65th Anniversary of the Bush Music Club

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A workshop presented at 2019 Bush Traditions Gathering, Yass, October 2019 by Sandra Nixon.

Most songs use the page from the original source, but some songs were retyped, & several contained typos so have been replaced by the original page.  20 songs were chosen for singing at the workshop. 


2. To celebrate the Bush Music Club’s 65 Anniversary, I chose 65 songs published in, or referred to in BMC publications - (Newsletter 1955 to 1978), Singabout (1956 to 1963) & Mulga Wire (1977 to date) for a workshop at Bush Traditions Gathering at Yass, October 2019. The songs are those that appealed to me, in some years I had to choose from many wonderful songs, other years an occasional song was mentioned in a review or an interview!

3. Table of Contents

4. Bound for Darling Harbour,  by Merv. Lilley, 1954 - Bushwhacker Broadside, later  published in Singabout 1(1), Summer 1956, p.15

5.  Stringybark Creek, 1955 Bushwhacker Broadside

6.  Cane killed Abel by Merv. Lilley, music Chris Kempster

7.  The Little Fish, collected from Dick Fitzgerald & Jack Wright

8-9.  Shearing in a Bar by Duke Tritton


10.  The Wild Colonial Boy sent to the Editor by Mr Theo Archdeacon

11.  When Jones Ale Was New as sung by Simon McDonald Creswick, Vic.

12-13. The Albury Ram


14. The Little Sparrow, music John Meredith, words Launcelot Harrison

15.  Goorianawa by Duke Tritton

16-17.  The Sandy Hollow Line by Duke Tritton


18.  The Peach Picker's Song by John & Norm Dengate. Norm complained about his son only singing shearing songs, so John suggested he write something, & the chorus was the result.

19.  Do you think that I do not know by Henry Lawson, tune Chris Kempster

20.  Dinky Di

21-22.  Wee Pot Stove by Harry Robertson


23.  Across the Western Suburbs by Denis Kevans & Seamus Gill

24. Ballad of Norman Brown by Dorothy Hewett

25. Broken Down Squatter by Charles Flower

26.  The Woodturners Lovesong by Phyl Lobl

27-28.  The Cockie's Lament (aka Mortein Spray or That Cockroach Song) by Concert Party member Doug Richardson


29.  The Sailor Home from the Sea by Dorothy Hewett

30. Shoalhaven by former Concert Party member Peter Cahill

31.  Hughie, The Rouseabout's Prayer by Duke Tritton

30.  The Good Old Concertina, by Henry Lawson, tune Bob Bolton

31.  65 songs, page 1

32.  65 songs, page 2.

33.  Citations for the songs - 1954 to 1975

34.  Citations for the songs - 1976 to 1991

35.  Citations for the songs - 1992 to 2007

36. Citations for the songs - 2008 to 2019

Thanks to authors or their literary executors for allowing their songs to be reproduced - Dr Diane Bull (Duke Tritton),  Tom Flood (Dorothy Hewett, Merv Lilley),  Dale Dengate (John Dengate), Phyl Lobl,  Lyn & Evan Mathieson (Harry Robertson), Doug Richardson, Peter Cahill,

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