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Bob Bolton Collection - Dance at Abercrombie Caves, April 1982

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Mulga Wire no. 30, April 1982, p.5

Mulga Wire no. 31, June 1982

All Photos © Bob Bolton
Bob's 1982 album holds photos printed from negative strips 820425A (color pics) & 820426A (b&w). Unfortunately photos of the dance in the cave are not in these negatives.



4. dance floor in cave   Photo © Bob Bolton

5. Helen Brain, Ann Pidcock sitting, Dave Johnson, Tony Romeo, Grey Wilson, Bob Brain standing

6. The campers enjoyed the music

7. piano accordion player - Skippy (Ray Goninon) & Helen Coats (later Goninon)

8. Skippy Goninon (standing), Helen Coats in front of Dave Johnson, Tony Romeo back to camera.

9. Dave Johnson seated, facing front, Ann Pidcock facing him, Helen Coats seated in centre, Greg Wilson standing, Tony Romeo seated on right

10.  Helen Coats


12. Pat Bolton, Bob Brain

13. Skippy (standing), ponytailed Najina Murray facing him, Dave Johnson at table facing forward, Ann Pidcock facing him, Tarquin Murray back to camera (RHS), Greg Wilson behind him. Murray tent beside VW campervan.

14.  standing Bob Brain & lagerphone player.
Seated - Dave Johnson, Tony Romeo, Greg Wilson

15. Bob Murray

16. standing Bob Brain with son, Bob Murray. Seated Ann Pidcock with James in pram, Dave Johnson, Tony Romeo, Greg Wilson

17. Bob Murray

18. standing Bob Brain, Bob Murray & Tony Romeo, seated Dave Johnson, Greg Wilson

19. seated Ann Pidcock, Dave Johnson, standing Bob Brain & Bob Murray, seated Tony Romeo (obscured), Greg Wilson,

Thanks to Bob & Barbara Murray for identifying Skippy & Helen in photos 7,8, 9 & 13, and their children in no. 13. Thanks also to Helen Romeo for identifying herself! & clarifying the other Helen's surname.

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