Thursday 1 June 1978

From the Archives - Mulga Wire no.7, June 1978 - complete.

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1.  Cover drawn by Raema Grieve

2.  Editorial - Australian dress - Flash Coves

3.  Talking with Edgar J. Penzig, Playwright, Poet, Actor, Historical Researcher and Co-Proprietor of Bushranging Re-enactments Pty Ltd.  pp.3-4 & 6.


5.  A Music Lesson - More on Rythm  R.Pride.

6. Talking with Edgar J, Penzig

7.  First Colonial Subscription ball - 4 pages. Leaflet created by Raema Grieve




11. Historical Background to the Ball by Rose Pride. p.7

12.  Bush band (D.J. Dave Johnson). Bush Christening of Tritton Hall (D.J.) Singabout.  Carcoar Bush Music Festival report, Anzac Day weekend  Dance practices (P.B.)

13.  Bush Music Workshops . Singabout  29th July, Woolshed Dance each month - Balmain Town Hall, Sat June 10: Reedy River Bushmen, July 1: Rouseabouts

14.  Larrikin Records. Catalogue Checklist

15.  Bill Board

16.  Calendar Notes. Theme Nights

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