Friday, 5 May 2023

Festival Reports - 2023 National Folk Festival - BMC & friends

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Photos © Sandra Nixon 

Family Bush Dance with BMC's Youth Bush Band - video

1. Dancers
2. Caller Cathy
3. Dancers
4. Dancers

Saplings Workshops & Concert

5. Saplings at The Camp
7. Fiddles & guitars
8. Tony's percussion group
9. Tutor & student
10. Beginner lagerphonists
11. Chris's ukulele student
12. Tutor & student
13. Fiddler tutors & students
14. Bolligers are always volunteering!
15. Spoons & bones from Tony's Percussion group
16. Groups return to the circle for the finale
17. Percussion & fiddle sections
18. Parents are always welcome in Saplings Sessions
19. Saplings Concert on Monday afternoon was very professional
20. Saplings concert
21. The performers take a bow
22. The performers take a bow

Bush Music Club workshop

23. Ralph Pride & Concert Party & friends
24. BMC & friends
25. BMC & friends
26. BMC & friends
27. BMC & friends
28. BMC & friends

Bush Camp

29. Interesting items from Dave Johnson's shed
30. Bundy On - Sam O'Brien, Tim Flaus, Victoria Bromage, Chris Haydon,
Dave Johnson, Reece Proudfoot
31. Chris Poleson

Launch of Ron Edwards and the Fight for Australian Tradition by Keith McKenry

32. Martyn Wyndham-Read, Jan Wositzky, Bruce Watson, Margaret Walters,
Chloe Roweth, Keith McKenry
33. Jan Wositzky, Bruce Watson, Margaret Walters,Bruce Watson, Martyn Wyndham-Read,
Chloe & Jason Roweth, Keith McKenry
34. Early members Frank & Anne Maher, with their daughter Helen 
35. Cast

2023 National Folk Fellow Martie Lowenstein presents "What Wendy Found"

The Story of the 1950-60's Australian folk music revival, the 1st National Folk Festival in 1967, and the 1969 outback Australian Folklore Expedition.

36. Martie Lowenstein with cast members 
Video - A formidable woman, Wendy Lowenstein - Folklorist & Oral Historian

37. Warren Fahey

38. Martyn Wyndham-Read, Marnie, Warren Fahey

'I Don’t Go Shearing Now’

A themed musical salute to shearing and the wool industry. Devised and written by internationally-renowned folksinger Martyn Wyndham-Read, with Warren Fahey & Clare O'Meara

39.  Warren Fahey,  Clare O'Meara, Martyn Wyndham-Read

40. A couple start dancing, & a man cuts in

41. The men dance  ...

Greshka's Noseflute Choir - video

Bushwhacker & BMC founder Alan Scott played the (metal) noseflute before taking up the whistle, see image 6

42. The modern noseflute is made of plastic

Chloe & Jason Roweth

43.  Concert at The Camp

Slow Session

44. Session run by Alan & Linda Swift

45. Carole  

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