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Bob Bolton Collection - 2nd Australian National Folklore Conference, Thursday 13th April, 2006

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extract fromTransmission no.18(?) 


National Library of Australia, Thursday April 13, 2006
Preliminary Notice and Call for Papers

Following on the success of the first Australian National Folklore Conference this year, the Australian Folklore Network, the National Library of Australia and the National Folk Festival will again host a one-day conference.

The theme of the 2005 conference was 'folk collections'. Following on from this, the theme in 2006 will be the dissemination of folklore from collections and archives to wider audiences and applications. This theme should interest fieldworkers, performers, librarian, archivists, teachers, researchers, publishers and all those with an interest in the many possible uses to of collected materials.

Anyone interested in presenting a paper at the conference should contact the Convener, Graham Seal, at or on 08 9266 3234.


Extract from Transmissions no. 19 -

A second well-attended conference convened by the AFN, the National Library and the National Folk Festival, was held on April 13. Speakers were Alex Hood, Ann Young, Lyn Costigan, Karl Neuenfeldt and Nigel Pegrum, Graeme Smith, Chloe & Jason Roweth, Bruce Simpson and Bill Gammage, Ruth Hazleton, Ron Edwards, Jennifer Gall and Dave DeHugard.

Topics covered included recording and interpreting collected traditional music, dance traditions, publishing, the transmission of traditional music, oral history of droving, interpreting the songs of Carrie Milliner, the folk music revival, performing folklore and combining industrial soundscapes, music and oral histories in multimedia forms. Jennifer Gall also presented a paper by Edgar Waters in absentia on the possibility of using new technology for on online encyclopaedia of Australian folklore.

Rob Willis and friends presented a concert of traditional music from the Nulla Nulla Creek (NSW) region during the lunch break.

The conference also made a good introduction to the National Folk Festival and its many offerings of traditional performance and craft. This year included an expanded version of the Nulla Nulla concert, featuring Nulla fiddler Vaughan Kyle, and an extremely well received presentation of Queensland traditions, that state being this year’s featured state. Both these events were organised by Rob Willis. Lyn Costigan, Karl Neuenfeldt and Nigel Pegrum presented a full multi-media presentation of the Sweet Sounds of a Sugar Town project (see New CDs) featuring percussion by Dane Costigan. Most other presenters at the conference also appeared at the festival in a variety of capacities.


1. Ron Edwards 



5. ?, Robin Holmes, Alex & Annette Hood

6. ?, Robin Holmes, Alex & Annette Hood

7. Graham Seal

8. Graham Seal 

9. Graham Seal

10. Graham Seal

11. Alex Hood 

12. Graham Seal, Alex Hood

13. Ann Young 




17.  Jennifer Gall

18.  Jennifer Gall

19. Jason & Chloe Roweth 

20. Chloe & Jason Roweth 

21.  Lunchtime Concert - Chloe & Jason Roweth, Greg O'Leary & others 

22.  Lunchtime Concert - Chloe & Jason Roweth, ?, Greg O'Leary

23.  Lunchtime Concert - Chloe Roweth, ?, Jason Roweth, Greg O'Leary

24. Lunchtime Concert 

23. ?, Chloe,& Jason Roweth, Greg O'Leary

24. Greg O'Leary, Chloe Roweth, ?, Jason Roweth,  ?, ?, ?

25. Greg O'Leary, Chloe Roweth, ?, Jason Roweth,  ?, ?, ?

26. Greg O'Leary, Chloe Roweth, ?, Jason Roweth,  ?, ?, Rob Willis

27. Rob Willis & performers 






33.  ?, Keith McKenry


35. Ron Edwards

36.  Ron Edwards

37. Ron Edwards 



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