Wednesday 8 November 2023

From the Archives - Bob Bolton's music book, 1980s

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Bob was known as a musician, reciter, singer, photographer, editor, publisher, archivist, but also wrote the occasional song - 
Not many, Sandra but I remember him talking to John about trying to do what John did (Dale Dengate, email  4/11/23)

1. cover 

2.  Song The "Isle of France" New words by Bob Bolton,
Trad tune arranged by Jon Noakes, Feb 1988

3.  Friday Night workshops,  Source, Title - page 1

4.  Friday Night workshops,  Source, Title - page 2

5. Patsy Fagan - Anonymous, Mr P. Crowley

6. Reverse of no. 5 - 2/9/87

7. Jim Jones 

8. Mudgee Waltz Harmonies, 2nd part R. Harber, 3rd part D. Johnson

9. Till the Children Come Home 

10. Reedy Lagoon 

11. The Backblocks Shearer (Widgegoara Joe) 

12. On the Queensland Railway Line 

13. reverse of page 12

14. One of the Has-beens, Slow waltz tempo, arr. Paviour

15. Reverse of p.14

16. Gay Gordons Set

17. Down and Outback (Sargent Small) 

18. reverse of no. 17 

19. Queensland Whalers (Harry Robertson) 

20.  Untitled song - first line This was a lucky country
this wide brown land of ours 

21. Billy Sheehan 

22. Girl of Misfortune by John Noakes 

23. Squeeze box, fiddle and bow by John Broomhall

24. She'll be right by Peter Cape  - 5th verse by Bob 

25. She'll be right - some of the myriad extra verses
(remembered by Bill Worsfold) 

26.  Woman of the Country by Jon Noakes 

27. The Diamantina Drover by Hugh McDonald 

28. Suvla Bay - Kurtz family 

29. The Selector's Wife by Trish Noakes 

30. Letter from Steve Williams, Popinjay Australian Publications,  30.vii .'88




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