Monday 16 February 2015

Festivals in the Good Old Days before ARC built the Big Hall on the old Parade Ground

28th September - 1st October1979  - Silver Jubilee

 3rd - 6th October1980



23rd - 25th October, 1981 with Opera House Concert 18th October

1982 on back of photo

1982 on back of photo

Dancers 23/10/82- Sue Pain, Margaret Conning, WendyO, Julie Prior, Mark Dabbs, Andrew Park, Don Richmond, Martin Fallding, Sally Stevens, Stuart Leslie 
 (caption on back of photo)

21st - 23rd October, 1983

1984          30th Anniversary festival         where are posters?????

18 - 20th October, 1985

10 - 12th October 1986

Koala puppet from a festival (Sandra Nixon photo)

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