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Found in the Hut - a miscellany of photos removed from the noticeboard in 2007

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In one of our periodic clean-ups, we cleared the noticeboard of years of photos - some dated, some captioned, many unmarked.
If you can identify faces & events, please comment below, or contact me directly.

Thanks to Jennie Richards for supplying information on most of these photos.

Further information from Bruce Downes April 2016 , Malcolm Clapp September 2016, Colin Fong April 2019, Pete McMahon 2020, Dave Johnson 2022.

1.    In the clean up of the Hut in the lead up to the 50th Anniversary celebrations in 2004 Mike Young spent much of the day defrosting the ice-filled freezer, after eventually opening its door.  The fridge is still working well & does not use much electricity in spite of it's age.
2.      Good clear caption - but what does it mean & who are they?
3.  Bryden Allen/Allan nearest to camera


5.   Claire Stoneman at back

6.  Kerry

7.  Kerry & others. Jan Boersma facing her & laughing
8.  A bearded kangaroo at an unknown location.
The pink Kangaroo suit was given to us by a Japanese Film crew during a post-Ball picnic at Lady Macquarie's Chair, they were doing a segment for Japanese TV and we set up the post ball picnic and dance next to them, we ended up being filmed by the them and provide some background music for their segment. They gave us the kangaroo suit after they had finished filming. (Bruce Downes, 2016)

BMC at Australiana Pioneer Village, Wilberforce, 1994
9.      Graeme Evans & Richmond family at left, Pete McMahon & Jim Gambling back row on verandah. Simon Farrugia leaning on post. Accordion player is Yvonne Taylor (now Yvonne Paris). Squeezebox player is Jim Dangerfield. Sue O'Donoughue in red hat, Bob Bolton at far right.   One member still needs identifying - concertina player behind Yvonne.
 10.    The Richmond family
11.   left to right - Pete McMahon, concertina player in straw hat, Simon Farrigia on whistle, Yvonne Taylor on accordion, Jim Dangerfield on squeezebox, Sue O'Donoughue on concertina  
13.    Sue O'Donoughue, child on chair could be one of Sue's daughters
15.  tug of war, Sue O'Donoughue, Pete McMahon, and Herb Lippman in green shirt in the middle
16.  Patrick Harte, unknown child, Alan Foster, Ros Jinks in grey skirt, first name of the bloke in striped shirt is John

17.   23rd National Folk Festival at Malaney, Qld
18.     Cutting the 40th birthday cake - unknown man, Sue O'Donoughue & Ros Jinks,
 (10 candles in each corner).
19.  40th Birthday,  Beth Cambridge on front right, behind her Tony Romeo, Wayne Richmond in hat centre front, Janette Thrussell in blue dress, Helen Romeo in white shirt, Jim squeezebox player from Hunter Valley behind Janette, Cathy Potter playing whistle, could be Greg Wilson between Helen and Cathy.
20.   Chris Poleson's dog, Zoe
21.  Concert party at an unknown location Wayne Richmond in yellow and red, Rosemary Forbes-Smith in dark clothes playing squeezebox, Ray Abela standing on right, Margo McGrath on accordion, Jeff on drums. (Colin Fong)
Bush Music Festivals

22.      Bush Music Festival, dancing at the Greek Hut, 23/10/82 - Sue Pain, Margaret Conning, Wendy Owen Julie Prior, Mark Dabbs, Andrew Park, Don Richmond, Martin Fallding, Sally Stevens, Stuart  Leslie
 23.      Bush Music Festival - Chris Kempster & Sonia Bennett
24.   Bush Music Festival, 1982
25.  Rough sleepers in the front room of Hut 44 after the 1982 Bush Music Festival.
26.   Bob Bolton and Colin Fong as part of BMC at a protest rally in the Manly Corso against the establishment of a One Nation office in Manly about early 1998. Originally published in the Sing Tao newspaper. (Colin Fong)
 27.   Christmas 2000
28.      Helen and Barry (mentioned in photo 1), married couple, can't remember their last name
29.  Ros Jinks
30.    Pauline Cambourne and Don Richmond

 31 & 32.   Circular Quay - Walter who had been playing the saw and leaf for 70 years, November 1995 (Sandra Nixon photo)
We had Walter perform at a concert at the Opera House for one of our Festivals in the 80's. I had to pick him up and take him to the Opera House, he played the Gumleaf and saw. (Bruce Downes, 2016)
email from Dave Johnson, 06/09/22 - Walter McLaughlin, 10th child of John and Isabel McLaughlin born 1909 worked on the land most of his life. He later located to Sydney where he worked for CSIRO. Walter is a talented musician on the piano. Of late he has become renowned as a busker at Circular Quay where he plays the gum leaf and musical saw ... In 1972 Walter was World Champion Draughts player. When he was 83 he married Theresa Williams. They currently live in Sydney where Walter still does busking  - extract from 1995 booklet about The McLaughlin Family compiled for a family reunion gathering
33.    Man dancing is Clive, surname forgotten (email, Dave Johnson 06/09/22) 

33 The man in the back ground is not one of the Bolliger Twins I remember him but I cannot tell you his name (Stuart ?), but he may have been a member of one of the Bush Bands (the boots are the give away generally only Bush Band members wore that style boot.
Man in middle is Stuart Leslie (Colin Fong) 
Dancing at Darling Harbour
34 to 38 from one of the many Dance Demos we did around 1988 at Darling Harbour during and post 1988 Bi-centennial.

Comment from Phillip Ciclovan, January 2018 - the man in the green shirt with a red neckerchief and his partner in the dark red dress with a sunhat hanging on her back are Neil & Kathleen Ciclovan (nee Brogan) - my parents
34.   Phil Grove, Phil Kenny, Kingsley Forbes Smith, Rosemary Forbes Smith, Laurel Prince, Beth Cambridge in white blouse, Linda Scott (from Colin Fong)

35-38, 4 couples - Helen & Barry (surnames unknown), Colin & Alison Coles, Don & Wendy Richmond,
Neil & Kathleen Ciclovan (nee Brogan)
35.    Helen and Barry under the arch formed by Neil & Kathleen Ciclovan (nee Brogan), Wendy and Don Richmond on left, Alison and Colin Coles on right.
36.  Alison and Colin Coles on right, Wendy and Don Richmond on left, Helen in light pink, white hair, back to camera
37.   Don & Wendy Richmond at left, Neil & Kathleen Ciclovan (nee Brogan) in centre, Alison and Colin Coles at right, Helen with her back to camera
38.   anticlockwise from left Neil & Kathleen Ciclovan (nee Brogan), Colin & Alison Coles, Helen & Barry, Don & Wendy Richmond
Heritage Balls 
39.   Tony Romeo on drum kit, Kingsley Forbes-Smith and Sue O'Donoughue in middle of front row, Bob Bolton behind them. Margot McGrath again, in blue/green dress with lace collar, made by her now sister in law Mary (Brogan) McGrath for Margo's 21st birthday gift

39, 40 & 41 is one of our Subscription Balls held at Chatswood Town Hall - I forget the year, but there are more photos of this ball in my collection. (Bruce Downes, 2016)

Subscription Balls were held at Chatswood in 1980 with The Reedy River Bushmen and Ryebuck Bush Band & in 1987 with Aussie Too and Big City 
40.   not Heritage Ensemble, tho the music stands are covered with yellow banners made by Jennie Richards for the Heritage Ensemble.

41.   Denis Wright (Colin Fong) 

42.    Heritage Ball, Parramatta

43. Dave Anderson (at the lectern), Dave Johnson with fiddle (back to audience), possibly Bob Foggin with fiddle far left. (Colin Fong)
43 is a Heritage Week Ball we ran for the National Trust, in Sydney Town Hall. (Bruce Downes, 2016)
44.    Natalie Lippman, Cathy Richmond, either Jessica or Lucy Dabbs, Mark Dabbs (Colin Fong)
45.  Don Brian & son
 47.   Friday Night Workshop, 1988. third from left Jennifer Richards, Janette Thrussell on whistle, Dick Thrussell on lagerphone behind her, Simon Farrugia on whistle, Bob Bolton (back row) harmonica, singer Margaret (surname not known), Pete McMahon guitar
48.    Mike Waters
49.   Dave Johnson, James Johnson, Sue O'Donoughue
50.   Dave Johnson, James Johnson, Sue O'Donoughue musicians, dancers Don Richmond dancing with Sharyn Mattern, Anthony Simon on left, Michelle and George Bolliger on right
51.    L to R, Don Richmond, Lisa Simon, Sharyn Mattern, Anthony Simon, George Bolliger, unknown, Michelle Bolliger
52.   James Johnson, Sue O'Donoughue
 53.   Ryebuck Bush Band
54.  Ryebuck's banner
55.   Lisa & Anthony Simon    (outside Royal Prince Alfred Hospital??)
56 - 59 email from Pete McMahon, 17th May 2019 - Bob and I and John Daly, screen printing BMC logos and Graphics on the BMC tent in my backyard in Girraween.


  1. I know that this is incredibly late, but in terms of photos 35-38: the man in the green shirt with a red neckerchief and his partner in the dark red dress with a sunhat hanging on her back are Neil & Kathleen Ciclovan (nee Brogan) - my parents :)

  2. Phillip, it is never too late to identify photos! I've updated the article.

  3. Kathleen (Brogan) Ciclovan24 January 2018 at 12:48

    picture no. 21 has Margo McGrath on accordion, and no.39, Margo McGrath again, in blue/green dress with lace collar (made by her now sister in law Mary(Brogan) McGrath for Margo's 21st birthday gift.)

  4. Thanks for your contribution, Kathleen