Monday 2 February 2015

The Working Bee at Tritton Hall Sat 31st January 2015

This Working Bee was a more specialised event so the cast was smaller - Ralph, John, Chris, Kerry, Sharyn & Sandra, and fortunately the day was much cooler!

(Photos - Sandra Nixon)

John & Ralph

Ralph & Kerry

We wondered what was under the Reedy River Bushmen sign so who better that Reedy River's fiddler, Ralph to remove it?

 The broken wall!

 Sharyn broke more of the broken wall

Ralph removing the old power board, after making sure it was no longer connected to electricity!  

 A wombat?

 Looks like the one in the old Animals of Australia poster formerly on the left wall!

 Ralph removing the Reedy River Bushmen poster - that's him on the back of the Cobb & Co coach!

Tool kit.

 Washing the back wall before filling holes & undercoating

 Chris & Ralph
 Ralph painting the ceiling

Chris & Kerry painting the ceiling


  View from the front room

 Moving the old lounge

 Examining the roof with camera at arm's length


Original floorboards in the front room
 Who was Bill Winskill & why did he leave his brush ("The Big Brush-off") in the Hut?

 Ralph's cupboard in it's new place

Having a short rest between moving furniture

 We have a music room again! Next Working Bee will paint the floor & back wall & ...

  Putting the newly-painted access cover back in place
Temporary home for a few instruments


Once upon a time we had a film festival

Stencilled poster on continuous computer paper

Songs in the Australian Tradition with John Dengate, Trevor Shearston, Jacko Kevans & Dave De Hugard - what a lineup!

Traditional Country Dance with Blackwattle Band

Sydney City Council presents A Traditional Australian Woolshed Dance

Beecroft Dance!

Bundanoon Camping & Cielidh Weekend, 4th & 5th November 1989


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