Monday 26 January 2015

The Working Bee at Tritton Hall on the Australia Day weekend, 24th Janaury 2015

The Addison Road Centre was built as an Army depot by the Australian Government in 1914 on the site the Norwood Park Dairy farm, formerly a swamp. The depot was added to in later years. 
The Army left in the early 70s & the site became a Community Centre in 1976.  BMC moved in few years later.

Hut 44 is one of the WW2  buildings. It was used as the Sargent's Mess in WW2 & Bob Bolton's grandfather was one of those Sargents turning raw recruits into fighting men. 
Today the site includes many modern buildings. 

The Hut has been in need of a clean up and sort out for a long time, so on Saturday a group of members and one non-member turned up to start the big job.

Thanks to Allen, Chris, Colin, DotN, George & son, Kerry, Kevin, John, Mariamma, Max, Mike, Ralph, Rick, Sharyn & Val. Special thanks to Ray, conservator & occasional videographer of BMC events for giving up part of his Saturday to advise us on the historic posters on the walls. Photos Sandra Nixon

  Mariamma scrubbing the cups

Colin & Mariamma ready for the windows

Removal of one of the steel plates put down by the Army at some time over the original hardwood floor boards in the music room.

Admiring the floorboards

Pondering upon the purpose of the holes discovered in the floorboards

 Deciding on the flooring - polish the original floorboards which have gaps & holes which will need a lot of work & money, or replace steel by Masonite to match the rest of the floor which will give a good surface for the dancers.

  The first of the steel sheets removed from the Hut was covered by chalked factory/warehouse information - Hut 44 contained 6 of these sheets.

 HQ FLD SLC MOORE P  on top right corner.  
Moore Park contained Army barracks & depots until at least 1981. 

  When the piano was moved we found a drain? hole near the back door


Posters on the wall behind the piano

Posters on the wall beside the piano.

 Posters discovered behind the old wardrobe

Poster discovered behind the old wardrobe -
Bush Music poster, part of a kit created by Libby Hathorn: Ozbox the Australian experience, published by Methuen, 1979 comprising 50 activity cards, 2 film strips, 2 sound recordings (tape cassettes), 50 teachers cards, 4 wall posters and teacher's guide in container (26x48x6cm.) Only 2 libraries in Australia hold this kit!

 Posters found behind the pink cupboards

Concert by John Dengate, Trevor Shearston, Jacko Kevans & Dave de Hugard, April 1979 

  Sign found behind the piano was used at one of our Bush Music Festivals.

Colin cleaning the windows

 Chris scraping the ceiling

 Kerry scraping the ceiling

Allen, Kerry & Mike with newly washed chairs

 Kevin who washed most of the chairs before extra helpers arrived taking a well-deserved rest

 Hot day, drink lots of water!

 More work on the ceiling

Rick cutting the padlock off the back door- unfortunately I couldn't get a picture of the sparks flying!


Original lock & original light switch



 Ray examining posters


 Mike taking photos of posters

 Sandpaper & plaster dust

Cuppa tea time - Allen, Sharyn, Ralph, Kevin, Chris, John, Rick, Mariamma

Colin & Val

Max examining the roof cavity

Ventilator in the roof

 Ralph cleaning old perspex to replace broken window

Window before

Window after replacing & cleaning

Ralph & Rick putting down the new Masonite sheets

Contemplating the old Masonite flooring

Sweeping the new Masonite flooring

Pondering upon the old flooring

Did a lagerphone make that hole in the Masonite?

Nothing left in the music room apart from the stage & piano.

The front room - we left access to the sink & fridge!

To be continued!

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