Thursday 1 January 2015

Concert Party at Molong & Yeoval, September 2014

In September Concert Party members visited Molong & Yeoval for 2 separate 150th Anniversary celebrations.

report - Allen Davis      Photos Gail Copley & Eric Eisler

The Molong Show has been running longer than the Sydney Royal Easter Show. 


The good people of the Molong Show Committee were most supportive of the event with a Chinese meal, supper and billeting. The evening consisted of bush dancing, Australian songs and tunes. As usual, a good time was had by all.


The following day Concert Party performed before an equally appreciative audience in the Banjo Patterson Museum, Yeoval on the 150th Anniversary of his birth.

Our host, Alf Cantrell made us most welcome and provided us with lunch and Devonshire teas. We were joined by folk from Dubbo, a teacher from Yeoval Public School and several dancers from Newcastle all of whom added to the flavour and enjoyment of the occasion. 

Thanks to all performers and BMC supporters who attended 

The Birthday cake!


 Allen Davis


Claire Doherty

Darri Adamson

Doug Richardson


Gail Copley

Kerry Doherty

Ralph Pride, Doug Richardson


Rick Hull

Rose Pride

Terry Pybus


  1. My son plays violin and was in a bush band in Lithgow. He'd like to know how to get in touch with one around Yeoval now, please.

  2. I'm sorry we can't help you as we're not aware of any bush bands in the area, perhaps local papers or radio stations can help.