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The Ann & Frank Maher collection

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Ann & Frank's photos, newspaper clippings and leaflets/programs of events are a valuable resource for information about BMC & related activities from the late 50s onwards.

Frank joined BMC in it's first year, around the same time Duke Tritton joined. Ann joined BMC soon after her arrival in Australia from Machester in 1960.

Their wedding in 1964 was a BMC affair as almost every member was there. Note the lagerphone guard of honour!


2. Music was provided by members including John Dengate, Jamie Carlin, Alan Scott & Tony McLachlan.

3.  Australian Folklore Festival 1959 - When the Bushwhackers broke up in 1957 the members decided not the use the name for any other band. Sometime later the name was used for a short time by John Meredith 
(source -
4.  W.E.A Weekend School on Australian Folk Music 1962
5.  Pete Seeger's visit in 1963 - none of our members in the picture - Chris Kempster, Frank Maher & Jan Jones were university students! Perhaps the Sydney University Folk Music Society mentioned in the leaflet below accompanied them.
6.  Concert in honour of Pete Seeger's visit


8.  Chalwin Castle, since demolished (unknown source, BMC Archives)
9.  Sam Ramsay & Arthur Dearn, Concert Party, c1964
10.  1971 Adelaide Folk Festival  Ken Greenhalgh, Alan Scott, Eric Bolton, Elaine Thornhill, Wilma Bolton in stripes.
11.  Ann Maher, John Dengate, Dale Dengate, back view of Ronda Carlin. Given the bare feet possibly another picnic day, may be at Jibbon Beach, Bundeena Royal National Park


13.  left to right - Scott & Jamie Carlin, Doreen (apron) & Barry Collerson, Ronda Carlin & Kylie (back view), Mary Williams (front, sunglasses), Marietta Markham (short hair), Ann Maher behind her, with daughters H
elen (seated, hand on hair), Elizabeth (standing), Monica (eating), Roy? Markham's face, Pioneer Village Wilberforce, mid 70s
14.  Early 70s at BWIU. Dancers - unknown couple, Frank & Ann, unknown couple,
15.  Dancing in Noreen Grunseit's back yard, Mona Vale, Noreen in checked slacks
16.  Dancing in Noreen Grunseit's back yard, Mona Vale

17.  Extract from August 1968 newsletter which might refer to the same event.  (BMC archives)
18. Frank Maher, Sam Ramsay, Alan Scott, Jamie Carlin
19.  Singabout Night at BWIU same night as photo of Frank and Declan.  unidentified man, Wilma Bolton, Frank with money tin, Ann wearing shawl.
20.  Frank & Declan Affley - when the pubs closed, the folkies descended on BMC (chance of more songs & music plus an excellent supper). Frank is telling Declan he & his wife Colleen Burke can come straight in as they are performers, but everyone else must pay their shilling!
21.  Jamie Carlin & Eric? Bolton + Helen Maher (aged 4 or 5)
22.  BACK- Ken Greenhalgh (flute), John Dengate (guitar), Elaine Thornhill  (lagerphone), Dave Small (guitar).  MIDDLE- Frank Maher (bush bass), Wilma  Bolton in shawl, Eric Bolton (banjo).  FRONT - Jamie Carlin (concertina, seated), Noel Ricketts (mouth organ) 
23. The Maher daughters, Monica, Helen &  Elizabeth, same night as no.s 19 & 20.  It was good to be able to take the children and we did as often as possible.
24. Members on a street corner. Concert party was booked for the festival. John Dengate (guitar), Jamie Carlin (arms crossed), Ronda Carlin holding the lagerphone, Dale Dengate wearing glasses seated on step.
25.  Newsletter, March 1969, page.1
26.  Old Member's Reunion - Bill Scott (squatting) visiting from Qld, Frank Maher, Jack Wright, Jamie Carlin, Janet Wakefield, Alex Bowker, Rex Whalan, Barbara Gibbons, Alan Scott, Bill Berry - Bush Music Festival 1986, Bob Bolton photo
27.  Alan Scott & Secretary Janet Wakefield
28.  Secretary Janet Wakefield & Jack Wright
29.  Alex Bowker

30.  Tony McLachlan & Alan Scott,1984, Eastwood

31.  Alan Scott at a Bush Music Festival
32.  Alan Scott's funeral, Dec 1995 - unknown man, Chris Kempster with Maher grandson David, Maureen Chapman

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