Thursday 29 January 2015

Saplings @ 2015 Illawarra Folk Festival was a magnificent success!

The workshop started with a short session which the participants joined as they arrived.

They then split into 3 groups - Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced. The advanced group left the tent with Dave Johnson to play under a nearby shelter until all participants came together for the final session.

Thanks to our tutors Dave Johnson, Chris Poleson, Steve Lockwood, Samantha O'Brien, Tony Romeo, and the inventors of the Saplings program, Helen Romeo and Kerry Doherty.

Biggest thanks to all the musicians who enjoyed the session, and their parents and relatives who watched and sometimes participated.

We will be presenting the Saplings workshop at the National Folk Festival and hope to take it to other festivals this year.

We will also be presenting another full-day Saplings masterclass at Marrickille this year, as well as quarterly sessions where the young musicians can join together to play the music they have previously learned.

Samantha O'Brien

Dave Johnson and Steve Lockwood

Tony and Helen Romeo

The session continued outside after the workshop ended.

Photos - Tony Romeo & Kerry Doherty


Tomas leads a shanty

Kerry Doherty and Steve Lockwood

Dance music provided by Saplings

Chris Poleson

The session continued outside after the workshop ended!

Photos - Sandra Nixon


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