Tuesday 1 September 2015

Set list - Bob & Margaret Fagan @ Dukes August 2015

Tthey are delighted to be singing some songs that were first performed at the Bush Music Club in the 1950s -  not by them, they hasten to add!

It was 33 years since they had performed at the Hut, probably in a concert called Songs of Struggle and this gig includes songs they sang at the time.

The Ballad of Eureka (Jacobs/Bridges)

The Ballad of Norman Brown (words: Dorothy Hewett/tune: The Collier laddie)

Sweet Song for Katie (words: Dorothy Hewett/tune: Mike Leyden)

The Miner  (trad)

Bertha (words: Henry Lawson/tune: Chris Kempster)

Battler’s Ballad (words and tune: Jack Wright)

Reedy River (words: Henry Lawson/tune: Chris Kempster)

Monuments (words: Denis Kevans/tune:Bob Fagan)
Factory Lad /Turning Steel) (words and tune: Colin Dryden)
 Weevils in the Flour (words: Dorothy Hewett/Leyden)

Winding Gear (words: John Warner/tune: Kim Poole)

And the Country Knows the Rest (words and tune: Graham Seal)

The Sailor Home from the Sea (words: Dorothy Hewett/tune: Bill Berry)

The Space on the Stone (words: Denis Kevans/ trad tune The Grey Cock set by Margaret Fagan) 

When You Give Our Tuppence Back, Charlie Dear (trad words /tune: Phyl Lobl)

Migrant's Lullaby (words and tune: Alistair Hulett)

The Roar of the Crowd (words and tune: Denis Kevans)

Moreton Bay (trad)

Bob Fagan at a Bush Music Festival, unknown date. (Bob Bolton photo)
Front row of musicians from the right: Jeff Lawrie accordion, Tom Rummery accordion beside Jeff, Agnes Shopen guitar, Jacko, Mark Rummery fiddle, Charlie Batchelor, Maz (?), Barry McDonald fiddle, Sullivan harmonica
Back row from right: Julie Castles fiddle, self (Dave de Hugard), (?) mandolin.
Sitting on stage: Len Neary sitting to Bob’s left. Two to Len Neary’s left is Pete Hobson a Canberra fiddler.  (Margaret Fagan & Dave de Hugard, 18th & 28th August 20)
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